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    Why Downloading & Play Games to your iPhone can increase your child’s Happiness

    Potentially you might want to ask how downloading free kids games on iPhone, Android, or any other mobile device your child has access to, can make you happy. Particularly if you have a long car journey ahead of you – and of course in August there’s a certain Bank Holiday weekend to contend with in the UK, when most citizens spend inordinate chunks of time in traffic jams wondering why they bothered to leave home at all. The key word, of course, in the title of this post is “free”. Free kids games are ideal for parents because the child can be entertained without anyone having to pay out any money. There is a potential wrinkle, mind: you need to be aware that some free downloads or free kids games are free only up to a point – normally your child gets a taster of the action to come if he or she unlocks the full games, and is then required to purchase something from an App store to get the whole gaming experience.


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    There has been some press over the last couple of months about specific children’s games, and how they have enabled children to unwittingly run up large bills without their parent’s knowledge. In extreme cases there have been monthly bills of multiple hundreds of pounds, accrued as the child in question gets parental permission to buy a single add on for a game (often these add-ons take the form of new characters, or devices that can be used by existing characters) – and then has been able to purchase multiple add-ons during the course of a day without needing the parent to log back in with permission. This glitch (for glitch it appeared to be: parental controls are supposed to operate on a one time only basis, but it was found that in some games they had a time limit of 20 minutes, which got reset every time a new add on was bought) has now been ironed out, fortunately – so in the main, free kids games for download can still be controlled properly. Children love to play the games all their friends are playing, especially when those games contain functionality that lets the player interact with other fans who are playing at the same time. Some of the Ben 10 games, for example, allow players to create their own alien monsters in their design workshops, and then go online to compete with them against other alien designers who happen to be online at the same time, With the normal changeable British summer weather making us all rush out to buy barbecues one weekend and then driving us indoors to watch the rain the next, it’s good to have something to fall back on in the name of children’s entertainment. It is even better when that entertainment is free. The child enjoys the novelty of a new game, which can keep him or her busy for a few days; while the parent gets to relax for a few hours.

    Author bio : Lisa is an avid gamer as well as a cartoon enthusiast. Apart from downloading games and videos, She even downloads free kids games from Cartoon Network for his child.

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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    1. We all know that every kid love to play games and if you are getting some gaming stuff on your smartphone this will surely bring smile to your kid face!!


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