About GEEKERS Magazine

GEEKERS Magazine is dedicated to Geeks who want to write and share great articles about the things that they are passionate about.

Geeks want to be kept up to date with the latest news, products, software and services that they are interested in. This is what Geekers is all about…..

about Geekers Magazine

In our Magazine you will also be able to get tips and tricks that will help you to get the most from your online activities.

Topics covered can include views and reviews of iPhone apps and games, iPad apps and games, Windows apps, Mac apps, Linux Apps, Web apps, Android apps & games. As well as, troubleshooting your computer, optimising operating system performance ( Windows, Mac or Linux), simplifying tasks, software reviews and plenty of other cool fun geeky stuff.

Computer technology is not only for geeks, and we may change your thinking as well.

Who’s behind GEEKERS?

Rohit and Gourav founded GEEKERS Magazine in 2010. The ownership changed in 2014 to Robert, Nick and Bernie who are keen to continue with this fantastic tech news blog.

The future for GEEKERS Magazine:

We will provide new and interesting articles of great benefit to Geeks all over the world written by Geeks who have a passion for writing and telling their innovative stories.

write for geekers

There is so much new and interesting views today and that is why we want to engage with as many tech geeks as possible.  

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