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    Convert your Website Text into MP3 : vozMe

    VozMe is a free web-base application that converts text or sentences into MP3 audio file. With vozMe, you can generate your standard audio reading file. If you are word press user, you might want to embed vozMe plug-in into your blog. This will allow your readers “hear” to your post rather than read through your article. This is useful if your readers busy doing something but want to follow your post. Currently vozMe is available in 3 languages: English, Español and Italiano. Only man voice is available. It will be better if can select man or lady’s voice.
    Convert text into Mp3 with Vozme

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    Convert Text to MP3 using vozMe: It is too easy to generate audio files using vozMe.

    1. Go to vozMe website and paste your text into the text-box area.
    2. Now, click on create mp3 button and convert your text to mP3.
    3. A new window will pop-up & you have to wait for the conversion to finish. After that, you can save your mp3 for your own use.
    4. For wordpress user, you can download vozMe plug-in and can configure it follow the vozMe instructions.
    5. The plug-in allow you to embed into your blog and read out loud to readers.
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    1. Everything worked perfectly just as described until playback – so fast! so much gobbledegook, I simply would not dream of using this again until the voice sounds more like a human and less like a robot.

    2. I don’t even know that we also have these type of web application available. Thanks yudi for sharing such a nice information


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