Tuesday, July 16, 2024

    Backup includes SMS sync to Hotmail & Outlook.com in Windows Phone 8

    Last month, when an SDK Leaked for a new Windows mobile operating system, which has a SMS, Apps, Photos &Videos Backup feature already. Look like it has some more Backup Feature like Sync SMS & MMS messages to Hotmail & Outlook. Still it is not known who these Backups will work.  Backup capability of Windows Phone users that sign in with a Microsoft, account according to Verge. On first launch of your Windows 8 Phone,to keep data in sync it will encourage users to use a Microsoft account as in Android Phone Devices they encourage users to use Google Account. Seems like Windows Phone 8 Devices has ability to keep videos, photos, music, apps, contacts, documents & more in sync with your PC or Xbox. But its not confirm the Xbox sync plans,it might be Microsoft will allow Windows 8 Phone users to share data easily via SkyDrive.


    Windows 8 Phone Devices has ability, automatically upload photos & videos to SkyDrive, Windows Phone can even sync SMS and MMS messages to Hotmail or Outlook.com and sync settings. Microsoft might be reveal some more detail about its backup plans at a Windows 8 Phone event in New York on Wednesday.

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