Wednesday, April 17, 2024

    Backup includes SMS sync to Hotmail & in Windows Phone 8

    Last month, when an SDK Leaked for a new Windows mobile operating system, which has a SMS, Apps, Photos &Videos Backup feature already. Look like it has some more Backup Feature like Sync SMS & MMS messages to Hotmail & Outlook. Still it is not known who these Backups will work.  Backup capability of Windows Phone users that sign in with a Microsoft, account according to Verge. On first launch of your Windows 8 Phone,to keep data in sync it will encourage users to use a Microsoft account as in Android Phone Devices they encourage users to use Google Account. Seems like Windows Phone 8 Devices has ability to keep videos, photos, music, apps, contacts, documents & more in sync with your PC or Xbox. But its not confirm the Xbox sync plans,it might be Microsoft will allow Windows 8 Phone users to share data easily via SkyDrive.


    Windows 8 Phone Devices has ability, automatically upload photos & videos to SkyDrive, Windows Phone can even sync SMS and MMS messages to Hotmail or and sync settings. Microsoft might be reveal some more detail about its backup plans at a Windows 8 Phone event in New York on Wednesday.

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