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    Skinput turns your arm into a touchscreen Interface!

    A sudden advancement has been done in the field of electronic gadgets by human being over past few decades. Many fine technologies have come into existence during present era, one of which is Skinput. It is a kind of technique which is able to turn an ordinary human arm into a touchscreen interface for the related device. This means that all the options of your gadget will be shown to you on your arm. From now you will have no need to tune your favorite track every time by getting your gadget out of your pocket, instead you just have to touch your arm for one and it will be done!

    Skinput technology has been introduced and developed by a group of three i.e. Chris Herrison, Desney Tan and Dan Morris. Their efforts together made it possible to show this world something new and rare. This technology is not just innovative but also it is one of its kind.
    Now a question arises that why the scientists chosen only human arm for being converted into a touchscreen interface? This is because no other part of a human body can be used as touchscreen surface. This will get more clear by knowing the working principle of Skinput which is explained as follows.

    Skinput works on the basic principal of mechanical vibrations generated in the human body when we tap our finger on any of our body parts’ outer surface. These mechanical vibrations are used as signals by the scientists which are collected by an armband which works very well as an array of sensors.  And these vibrations are felt very much clear in the arms area. However before making arms able to be used as touchscreen interface, they are tuned with some special requirements which make them compatible with several transmissions and to be used as an input interface. This might be the reason for the scientists to choose arms to get converted into touchscreen surface.

    But it was never so much easy to produce a technology like this, many problems were faced by the developers in starting, but their continuous tries and efforts made it possible to generate this milestone into electronics world.

    A very long analysis has been done over this concept before finalizing it. And one thing I am sure about is that you are going to be stunned and speechless after seeing the incredible and very rare working of this Skinput technology. Soon this  technology is going to release publicly and it is expected that this will change the terms of input interface shortly and who knows, the face of near future would get changed just because of this technique!
    Via: Illusion 360 , source: Walyou

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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