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    iPhone 4 Price, Most Expensive In Italy

    Apple iPhone 4 has been released to most of the international markets. iPhone 4 is sold for the cheapest price in Hong Kong along with Singapore touching price ground as low as €500 for a 16 GB unlocked iPhone and €590 for a 32 GB unlocked iPhone whereas iPhone prices in Italy up to €659 for a 16 GB unlocked iPhone and €779 for a 32 GB unlocked iPhone.
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    iphone 4 price

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    1. lol. looking at the price it would be better just buying a laptop and installing skype. seriously. im not paying €700+ just to be cool and have an apple product. people who buy the iphone 4 are hipsters. posers, or either just plain dumb, buy something thats worth the money lol

    2. I wish I could get one for €659. Here in Estonia a 16GB unlocked iPhone costs €830! Hurray for the greedy corporate bastards I guess..

    3. This is wrong. As a Canadian living in China, I can tell you that the iPhone is marginally cheaper in Canada than in Hong Kong, at least until you add the Canadian taxes in. Hong Kong has no sales tax.

      Anyways, any difference is eaten up in foreign exchange margins.

    4. I suppose this articles refers only to markets where the iPhone has been officially launched. In India, the “grey” markets are retailing the phone for Euro 1100 as on date, and that too after a 20% price drop last week!

      It’s crazy that people are actually willing to pay that much for this toy.

    5. There is fail in the diagram. In Finland the phone can be bought only via operator (TeliaSonera DBA Sonera here in Finland) and requires at least 1yr contract.

      By law, an individual (not business customer) can terminate the contract after 2 weeks notice, Sonera handles this by charging 100 euros termination fee and all the remaining payments for the rest of the contract period. In addition customer is charged the difference between the total price of the contract and the recommended retail price (RRP).

      The contract price for the phone itself is 576/696 euros (RRP 799/899 euros) and the cheapest subscription is 1,99e/month (includes nothing). So if you terminate the contract, you’ll end up paying the RRP in full and hence the subvented contract price is irrelevant.

      So, the actual total price for *unlocked* iPhone 4 in Finland is 12*1,99e=23,90e + 100e termination fee + RRP of 799/899e, totalling to 922,90e for 16Gb and 1022,90e for 32Gb.

    6. 659$ is before tax, so add your 19% or whatever it is, that needs to be in the cost. The numbers for UK, FR, IT all include all taxes.


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