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    Make Mozilla Firefox Home Page Look like Windows 8 Start Screen

    If you are using the newly launched Window 8 along with Mozilla Firefox browser then you can easily enjoy the Window’s 8 start screen on your browser by making your browser’s home page to look like it  instead of having it’s default look. A deviant art member has made a HTML + CSS + jQuery start page for the Mozilla Firefox. Below  are the steps for setting the Windows 8 Metro UI start screen in Mozilla Firefox:
    firefox like windows 8

    1. First of all,  you have to Download the zip pack from the internet and then unzip the folder and  extract the contents to a new folder on the location of your choice.
    2. After doing this, you have to open the index.htm file present in the unzipped files.
    3. Now, in the Firefox browser you have to navigate to Tools and then to the Options.
    4. Go to General settings and choose the Current Page for setting the freshly opened index.htm as your Firefox home page.
    5. Now, with the help of new home page you can easily access Groove shark, YouTube, twitter, face book, BBC news, Google search, CNN, Yahoo and You can also customize this home page by simply editing source.xml file.
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    1. If you want to show the page after clicking on “new tab” do this:
      1. open new tab
      2. typ in the url: about:config
      3. search: browser.newtab.url
      4. change it to the url of your index.htm
      such as: C:\page\index.htm
      Have fun!


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