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    How to Install Nero 11 on Windows 8

    Today Most of the people trust Nero and use it for burning their CD/DVD’s. If you are looking for a new Nero version then your wait is over as now Nero has launched its 11th version which contains lots of improved features along with some new one. Also the new version of Nero supports all version of Windows Operating System. But this means that Nero 11 should also work on Window 8 but unfortunately it does not Work on it. When you try to run Nero on your system having Window 8 the error occur showing a message that “Nero requires that your computer is running Windows XP at least SP3, Windows Vista with at least SP1, or Windows 7”. You also can’t run Nero 11 in its compatible mode in Windows 8. There are many people who are having a legal copy of Nero 11 and they eagerly want to install Nero 11 on their system having Windows 8. So don’t worry as with little work you can easily install Nero 11 on your system containing Window 8 Operating System. Just follow the given steps for the same.
    Install nero 11 on Windows 8

    1. First step is to get the Nero 11 software. You can do this in two ways, either you get the trial version from the net or you can buy your copy.
    2. Now run your setup till the occurrence of the error that “Nero requires that your computer is running Windows XP at least SP3, Windows Vista with at least SP1, or Windows 7”.
    3. Cancel the installation by clicking the OK button.
    4. Now open run dialogue box using Window + R key.
    5. Type %temp% and press enter for launching the temporary folder.
    6. Here you have to search the folder named “Nero Install Files” and copy paste it to the desktop.
    7. Open this folder for obtaining the file named as “nero.mmstrial.msi”.
    8. Right click on this file and select properties.
    9. In the compatibility option select that “Run this program in compatibility mode for previous versions of Windows option”.
    1. Press apply button.
    2. Run “nero.mmstrial.msi file” and chase the usual installation process for installing Nero 11 on your Windows 8 computer system.
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    1. Thanks for the valuable advice. I had problems installing the previous version of Nero on Windows 7. I did not understand where the problem was.  Anyway I hope there will be no problems with the installation of latest version of Nero.


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