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    How to Run Windows Apps exe Files on Max OSX

    Most of the gadget lovers are choosing Mac OSX and the proof is that the market percent is raised to about 15%. But have you ever thought that if this happen than what will happen to the Windows exclusives and all other apps. Will you find any other alternative or you will remain stick to Win OnX. There are many apps which work well on Windows and they are not found in Mac OSX so if you want to run windows app on Mac OSX then what you will do???
    There is an app named as WinOnX which will help you to install Windows on your Virtual box or you can also install it in VMware of OSX. The cost of this application is only $4.99 and at this cheap rate it makes things fast and easier to work. Below are the steps for running Windows application on OSX.

    Steps for Running Windows application on Mac OSX

    1. First download WinOnX from Mac App Store.
    2. Now open the WinOnX and then find the .exe file that you want to run. This file can be an installation file or you can use it as run able .exe application. After this you can easily enjoy Windows apps on you Mac OSX.

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