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    How to Install a Drop Down Console in Ubuntu

    Tilda is a Ubuntu drop-down console. Today, we would learn how to install this drop-down console in the Ubuntu Linux system. The installation process of this console is quite easy. You just need to open the terminal window and key in the below mentioned command:

    sudo apt-get install Tilda

    The Properties dialog box would appear as soon as you type this command. Close it as you do not require this dialog box right now. Press the F1 key to open the console. If you need to go to the properties window for changing any settings then just right click on the window and select preferences. You may open the Tilda drop-down by tapping a single key on your keyboard. The dropdown would appear on the top of your Ubuntu Linux screen. Tilda is known to be better than the usual Ubuntu console. Many people are installing this drop-down console as it is quite easy to use and its installation process is also simple.

    tilda Ubuntu console

    Most people are under the impression that Ubuntu Linux software and applications are a bit complicated as compared to the Windows applications. But applications such as Tilda are changing this opinion. New, more user friendly applications are being introduced for the Linux Ubuntu users.

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