If the appearance of the iPhone, iPad and iPod is lost and you want to have similar appearance on your Windows PC then iOS Pack is the best choice for you. It’s a transformation pack that helps you to bring Apple’s iOS devices look of to your Windows 7 computer. iOS Skin Pack changes the overall appearance of the operating system including boot screen, login screen and Windows Explorer. The package also includes cursors, wallpaper, icons, visual style and some extras. Below are the steps for transforming Windows 7 into iOS with iOS Skin pack.
Theme Patcher

  1. Before installing iOS Skin Pack on your computer, you should create a system restore point, disable the User Account Control (UAC) and close all open programs.
  2. After performing the above recommendations, just download iOS Skin Pack and run the file setup (exe) that you downloaded to start installing the packet processing on your computer.
  3. The installer offers quick installation (Quick) and Custom (Custom). The custom installation allows you to select the components of the packet processing you want to install on your PC.
  4. The package also includes the UxTheme Patch file needed for the installation of third-party themes in Windows 7.
  5. After completing installation, restart your computer to apply the look of Windows 7 iOS.

Windows Explorer
Download iOS Skin Pack x64

Download iOS Skin Pack x86