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    How to change Windows 8 Metro Start Button with my WDP Start Button

    Windows 8 logoIf you have installed Windows 8 Operating System and now you want to know that how you can change Window 8 Metro start button then you must know that “My WDP Start Button” is the ideal tool to replace the default Windows 8 Start button with custom one. My WDP Start Button is a portable utility to change the default Metro Start with your own picture.

    How to change Windows 8 Start Button:

    1. First you have to download “My WDP Start Button tool”.
    2. After that you have to launch the tool with admin rights.
    3. Now click on the big picture the main image to change the Start button with an image composed of 3 orbs. Or, click on a small picture to select a single picture as Start button. (Please note that the picture file should be in PNG or Bitmap (32-bit) format.)

    Change Windows 8 Start Button

    The tool will apply the Start button and then automatically restarts the explorer processor you. Wait for a few seconds to see the new Start button. (Please note that the tool may take a few seconds to minutes to restart the Explorer). You might see a blank screen while applying the new Start button. On our testing PC, it took 135 seconds to restart Windows Explorer. (Please note that the tool does not offer an option to revert to the default Start button. So, do not forget to create a system restore point before applying the new Start button, your Anti-virus software may warn you against this software. It is just a false positive.)

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