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    Get Windows 8 style logon screen Date and Time in Windows 7

    Most of the users of Windows 8 know that there are many new hidden features in it. One of the features is that in which date and time is displayed on the logon screen. Generally the Logon screen of Window 8 is a small application which helps in getting the next version of the Windows Log On feature in Windows 7 also. It is because Window 7 does not display same date and time on the logon screen.  The main benefit of this tool is that it does not display the default logon screen of Windows 7. This technique is similar to the “clear lock software” with the help of which you can add a transparent log on screen to Window 7’s desktop. Due to its beta version you can also experience so many bugs in it. Just after running these tools you can enjoy the transparent logon screen with date, time, user’s picture and Windows 7 edition name.
    Windows 8  Log In Screen

    This tool does not replace the default Windows 7 logo screen. This utility is pretty much similar to “clear lock software” which adds a transparent logon screen to your Vista and Windows 7 desktop. Since the application is still in beta stage, you can see many bugs in this release. Once you run this utility, you will get the transparent logon screen with user picture, Windows 7 edition name, date and time. For accessing the desktop you have to enter the username in the box and then press the arrow button.

    Download Windows 8 style Logon Screen Date & Clock

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