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    Top 5 Weird Android Apps that People Hesitate to Buy

    Applications for Android can be developed by any person because it is an open source operating system. It takes less verification if compared to the iOS applications by Apple. This facility also helps the developers to approve their applications easily and it encourages them to further develop some more applications which can be considered weird android apps. It is quite natural that every coin has two sides. Though Android is now the biggest competitor to Apple iOS and is easily available for the people across the world as it is less expensive comparing to the iPhone but sometimes some applications which are developed solely for Android some time do not match with the device.

    weird android apps

    Anyone can develop an android application, that is why there is a large number of apps for android available on the internet. Along with useful and interesting applications, some weird android apps are also available there. You will definitely avoid them from using after knowing their functionality.  This sometimes disappoints the users who spent a quality amount of money for the device. Therefore it is suggested that the Android users should think twice before buying the following weird applications. Take a look on these apps and stay away from this type of stuff:-

    Top 5 Weird Android Apps that People Hesitate to Buy

    Bald booth

    weird android apps

    It is a visualization application that can show your pictures without hair. It can help you to see how will you look if you get bald in future. This application may cost you around $1. But people frequently complain that it does not work properly and crashes often.


    weird android apps

    It is one of the most weird applications ever developed for Android. Gourmania is a cooking application where you have to cross 60 levels in total. The application was developed and introduced to the world of Android by Alawar Entertainment Games and it costs $2. It is probably the least sold application ever produced for Android so far. It has been reported that only around 20 people have bought this game and they too complain that it freezes and crashes frequently.

    Pimple popper

    weird android apps

    This Android application is a bit weird but it is still fun to use. This application comes with some weird face pimples popping effects. It has various modes to0 pop the pimples like white heads, black heads and full blown pimple etc. popping pimples is a weird thing and everybody hates it.  It is just wastage of time because you can spend your time in playing some interesting games instead of blasting pimples on your screen. These type of weird android apps worth nothing but just occupy the space of your smartphone.

    Secret File

    weird android apps

    This application has been developed for the Android users to help them to secure their data in SD cards and in cell phone memory with a password. It helps you to track your data and keep them safe with third party access even if you lose your phone. This app may cost you $1 but in spite of having such features it got negative reviews from the users.


    weird android apps

    This is among weird android apps that are created for marking the places where you have pooped. Developers of these applications have designed this app for criteria of people who do not hesitate to publicize their personal matters like pooping and farting.  It is a GPS based application in which you can mark all the places where you pooped whether it is office, home, public toilet of an open space. By pressing the button drop the poop, the location will be marked which can be shared with friends for fun.


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