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    7 Creative Branding Trends For 2021

    Branding trends should always be monitored.

    Remember this rule and strictly follow it. Branding today is more than just designing a logo and embedding it wherever possible. Modern branding is about something else entirely. Trends do not stand still, creators must constantly come up with something new: change the logo, connect influencers, work with the audience, follow the most discussed news. Trends are created in order to be on the same wavelength as people. Many companies have realised this and have already expanded the staff of designers, because it is not for the director to draw new lines and track the audience’s comments. This is a colossal work. 

    1. Design becomes a matter of technology

    Innovative technologies contribute to the implementation of new ways of selling and building active communication with the audience. However, today they not only help a person, but can also replace them in a number of cases.

    It is quite possible that in the future he will become a person who only “controls the machine”, sets the correct parameters of work. And the development of these very machines – special tools and neural networks – will come to the fore. If today the system is already able to create hundreds of logos per second, retouch photos and remaster videos, then solving more complex problems is just a matter of time. In addition, the audience, for which the visual is created, perceives it differently than before – calmly and thoughtfully.

    2. Eternal 3D

    Branding trends in 2020 included several design directions, at times completely opposite. For example, acid colours and absolute minimalism. Posters, crafts, grain, strong typography, and complex designs were popular. But optical illusions, the use of 3D and duotones also remain relevant. The popularity of masks, filters, AR, VR, “animating” images or moving text isn’t going to decline anytime soon. 

    3. Minimalism 

    Minimalism has not lost its relevance for a long time in all areas of design. Simple lines, calm colours, minimal details, laconic images and typography, naturalness – all this is actively used by creators. This is largely due to the need of society to reduce information flows and visual waste. Moderation of design allows drawing the attention of consumers to the essence of the product, and not to its shell, which has no functional significance. Laconic branding allows you to combine a company logo with a wide variety of graphics and colour schemes, which is sometimes impossible when we are dealing with complex visual designs.

    4. The client becomes the central figure

     Modern realities have led to the understanding of the importance of an individual approach to clients. Consumers need to feel that they are not just random people in the life of the company – they have real value to it. No matter how great the investment in the visual component of the brand is, it will not matter if the design delights do not meet the needs of the target audience. In communication with clients, their personal stories and experiences are now becoming more important. Companies are trying to focus on combating racial oppression and gender stereotypes, caring for the environment and the health of employees. Buyers, in turn, pay great attention to the ideology of the brand, whereas previously the focus was exclusively on the quality and functional characteristics of the product. The brand becomes for the audience a part of its worldview, a like-minded person, an assistant.

    5. Transparency and social responsibility

    For many years, firms have cultivated ideal bodies, faces, and lives in their advertising campaigns. At some point, the audience felt the need for naturalness, the photoshopped pictures no longer cause delight. Ideality frustrates and makes you insecure. Brands have responded by creating simple and understandable graphics, images have become more natural. A new message has appeared – transparency in relation to the consumer.

    Nowadays, a good branding agency will make sure that a brand has a social responsibility, adherence to the principle of diversity, normalising the fact that people have different views, strengthening the protection of the interests of different groups of people, an emphasis on ethics and justice.

    6. Sustainability and Conscious Consumption

    Reasonable consumption and the desire to preserve the planet for a fulfilling life is a trend that emerged several years ago. And we are unlikely to see its decline – most likely, it will only intensify. The recycling industry is actively developing, the choice of secondary packaging for products is increasing. People began to realise that endless consumption does not benefit either themselves (mental, physical) or the environment. This leads to smarter purchases and an informed and relaxed selection of what you really need. Preference is given to brands that emphasise ethics and care for the environment. Nowadays, manufacturers are increasingly faced with the question of environmentally friendly and multifunctional packaging. 

    7. Face of the brand

    Faces in branding add points to the company. Audiences love to follow other people’s lives, images of other people are always interesting. In branding, understanding this fact is very important, because the faces on the brand symbols increase the audience’s interest in them. There is a rapprochement between the company and its consumers. The trend on faces is not new, but it does not give up its positions due to the effectiveness of following it. 


    Times are changing, people are changing, and so are trends. As you can see, the product or service itself is no longer the centre of attention. The competition is so great that a product or service is meant to be at a high level, and good branding is what can set you apart from the competition. We hope that this list of branding trends will help you in that mission.

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