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    What’s On the Menu At a Typical Bar & Grill Restaurant

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    You get to eat some fantastic food, while at the same time, be treated to all the alcoholic drinks you’ve grown accustomed to.

    This article is going to take a closer look at your typical Aussie bar & grill restaurant and what type of dishes you might find on the menu.

    What Is An Aussie Bar & Grill Restaurant?

    There are a few different definitions of what makes a restaurant a bar & grill establishment. It can vary depending on a person’s perspective and the location of the restaurant. What they all have in common, no matter how you define it, is that they serve barbecued or grilled food and also serve alcohol.

    Bar & grill restaurants are popular with Aussies because they have an easy going atmosphere and the food is often very typical of what everyday Australians love to eat with their favourite beer or glass of wine.

    While it can certainly vary from restaurant to restaurant, let’s take a look at what you might find on a typical bar & grill restaurant’s menu.



    Oysters have long been a favourite when it comes to entrees in this country, so it’s little wonder you’ll probably find it on the menu at a bar & grill restaurant. It might be half a dozen or a dozen natural rock oysters or Oysters Kilpatrick, topped off with classic Worcestershire Sauce.


    What entree menu would be complete without a serving of delicious fried calamari to whet the appetite? Usually served in a delectable and crunchy crumbed coating, calamari is the perfect meal starter.

    Garlic Bread

    A true staple on the entree plate in many different Australian restaurants, you would naturally expect to find garlic bread on the menu at a bar & grill restaurant.

    Some Typical Main Course Dishes

    Grilled Steak

    There are always loads of different options when it comes to steak, from the type of steak, how well done it is and the sauce it’s going to be topped with. Typical sauces are pepper, red wine, mushroom and Bearnaise.

    It’s hard to pass up a classic grain fed rump steak topped off with a creamy coating of spicy peppercorn sauce.

    Grilled Fish

    Aussies have always had a love affair with fish and you’ll find a good selection at a bar & grill restaurant. Salmon is one of the most sought after fish around and when it’s BBQ grilled, the process really brings out those delicious oily flavours. If salmon is not your thing, how about a real Aussie icon, battered barramundi and chips?

    Lamb Cutlets

    Grilled lamb cutlets have that lovely smoky flavour on the outside while being melt in the mouth moist on the inside. It’s often best when garnished and flavoured with rosemary, but there are many delectable ways you can flavour and serve lamb.


    Pasta is obviously not going to be grilled, but what iconic Aussie restaurant would be complete without having pasta dishes on its menu? Linguini pasta, four cheeses ravioli, spaghetti bolognese and gnocchi are always popular. If you feel like dining on something with an Italian heritage but don’t want pasta, then try a delicious risotto.


    Being such a warm and sunny country, eating a deliciously cool and fresh salad is an option that many people favour. Salads are often light on calories too, for those watching their waistline.

    The chicken caesar salad is one of the most popular salads in the country and a proven best seller at any restaurant. It’s also something you will typically find on the menu at a bar & grill venue.

    Looking for a Bar & Grill Restaurant Near You?

    The quickest and easiest way to track one down is online. Just search for a bar & grill in your area. For example, try this for Sydney and Silverwater:

    The Takeaway

    Next time you’re considering going out for lunch and dinner, treat yourself to a bar & grill restaurant. The food is always fresh and the flavours are delicious. And don’t forget to have some wine or a beer with your meal.

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