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    Top Romantic Movies that you must watch this Christmas

    The current generation has a celebratory culture that was passed down to us by our parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

    Christmas has always been an event to celebrate throughout the years to welcome the birth of Jesus when given a Christian perspective. Others who do not celebrate it take advantage of bond during this period of time and count their wins and lessons.

    Many people celebrate the event by taking family vacations, hiking, visiting care homes and orphanages, but all these are done after or before watching movies. Movie culture brings peace and a break from the hustle and ushers in the festive mood. A list of movies that can set your mood through this festive season that could keep you up and excited.


    This is a story of two people living far apart with everything in common. Sloane Benson (Emma Roberts) is a young lady whose mom constantly criticizes for not having a boyfriend to bring home. The timing was somewhat unfavourable since she had just broken up with her boyfriend. Despite the criticism, Sloane keeps up with her family to have her peace during the entire get-togethers. On the other hand, Jackson (an Australian golfer) doesn’t seem to have any emotional attachment to the person he’s with. The relationship appears casual to him and doesn’t seem to bother him.

    The two meet up imperfectly since, coincidentally, both return the Christmas presents they received. The two then start on a whole but genuine conversation. Before they noticed, a lot had happened, bonding the two. Sloane’s brother became a good buddy to Jackson and the vibe between the two merged. Twists and turns happen as Jackson kisses Sloane’s sister at a Halloween party and everything begins to sound uncertain. The film is set on the modern-day recording.

    Let It Snow (2019 film)

    This is a modern-day story of Stuart Bale (a promising pop star) and Jullie Reyes. The two met at a train station where Jullie selflessly returns Bale’s phone that dropped but Bale confused her for a fan. Like the norm seems to be on celebrities, a little arrogance could be shown, but they would still be persuaded for attention. This was not the case with Julie. She took deep offence in how she was treated, and as expected, Bale apologized for his treatment. In exchange, he offered her a coffee date which wasn’t Jullie’s thing but still went ahead to see him. Despite the public eye on them, the two kick off in a rather realistic and humble manner. Stuart Bale shows a deep sense of maturity to make Jullie a priority as soon as she flew from Columbia to New York since she was seeing her ailing mother.

    The holiday mood sets in since the film starts on Christmas Eve. The events are going on as they try to go around their daily events. The festive season is relatively warm and enticing since the efforts are reversed.

    Klaus (film)

    Animations have had a great turn on the current generation. The technology-based creativity portrays a real-time event and direct relation to people. Jesper Johansen is a royal son of the crown and has all fortunes to his credit. The young man gives little care about figuring himself out, and this annoys his father. As the two come to loggerheads, Jesper Johansen is sent to a faraway island where he comes to meet his fate. A sarcastic ferryman and a fishmonger that was formerly a teacher. Johansen is introduced to a different setting away from his fortunes and privileges. As if this was not enough, his father threatened to cut him off as royalty if he didn’t post 6,000 letters in a year.

    As Jesper walks to look for letters to post, he comes across beautiful toys made by a sculpture. The rather stunning physic scared him off and ran away, not knowing this was just the beginning of a deep relationship since they’d make toys for sad kids in different clan settings. The entire region was aware of the toys being made in no time. Children flocked to Jesper and Klaus’s residence, hoping for more toys. Klaus agrees, and the two foster a genuine friendship through time. Formerly, the two clans were at war, which made them mad at Jesper for trying to patch them up. After several failed attempts, the village elders are forced to end the traditional feud since people from the opposing clans had a relationship that bonded them together. Jesper, too, fell in love with Alva and had kids with her.

    The above movies will make your Christmas a worthy experience since they foster a united feeling of love and affection. Different ways to arrive at the point have unique ways of touching hearts. Christmas has never been boring with the right crowd and suitable films to watch.

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