I’ve always had a sweet tooth for Motion Sensor games for android because I always turn out to Android Games for stress busting. They are quite a fun. You don’t need to memorize keys and keypad combinations to play, all you need to do is rotate/tilt your device or occasionally press a button or two for special actions. Google Play Stores has a great deal of Gravity Meter, Motion Sensor games available both free and paid versions. Get ready to jump into High Octane Action.

Motion sensor games are the latest innovation in mobile gaming technology through which you don’t need to press any key or screen because everything can be controlled with the help of gravity sensors. The experience of playing motion sensor games for android is much better than traditional methods. Currently a large number of sensor based games available on internet which can be downloaded easily from many sites. These games are compatible with smart phones with excellent graphics quality.

motion sensor games for android

1. Radio Ball 3D

motion sensor games for android
It is one of the most popular Motion Sensor Games for android. You need to drive a radioactive powered ball through a narrow tunnel. It’s a high score game and doesn’t have any objectives. You lose radioactive charge whenever you hit an obstacle, you will find powerup, health pickups through out the tunnel. All you need to do is tilt your device to control the ball. It is filled with amazing stunts and graphics.


2. Asphalt 8

motion sensor games for android
Asphalt comes from the line of the leading game developer for handheld platforms, GameLoft. Andrenaline HD is the 6th installment of engrossing, widely popular mobile game Asphalt. It is filled with breath taking graphics, High quality sounds and a wide range of vehicles to choose from. Gameplay is absolutely amazing. It is rated as the best handheld racing game. This game really pushes the limits of Android with stunning graphics and controls. You can get it for 5$, but all I can say is, it is worth every buck.


3. Prism 3D

motion sensor games for android
Prism 3D is not like any other stereotype. It is built on a brand new concept. It would definitely impress maze and arcade game freaks like me. You will be given a ball which can be steered by tilting and the primary objective is to reach the end point specified in the level. The map is filled with tiles of different types, for example the double bordered tile can bounce you and while the arrow tiles pushes you forward in the direction of the arrows. There are 25 Levels and an unlimited play mode which never ends. You can also create your own map and challenge your friends.


4. Racing Moto

motion sensor games for android
Racing Moto is a popular High-Score game which made it’s way up to the Google Play’s Top Games list of motion sensor games for android. All you need to do is dodge the traffic and avoid getting crashed.


5. Tilt 3D Labyrinth

motion sensor games for android

Tild 3D is an awesome Physics game, Gameplay is pretty much similar to any other Maze Games, you need to guide the ball towards a destination avoiding obstacles and falling down through the holes. You need to tilt your phone to steer the ball. If you fall through the whole, you need to restart the level. It has over a hundred levels and you can download more levels.


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