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    Nokia going to Launch ‘Nokia Music’ for all Lumia users

    Nokia has decided to give a treat to their Lumia customers by launching it’s free music service for them named ‘Nokia Music’. If you are an U.S.-based owner of Lumia phone and a Music lover too then after reading this article, you will definitely have a smile on your face. According to the company’s announcement, only U.S.-based owners of the Lumia 900 and 710 smartphones can enjoy this service known as Nokia Music by simply downloading it on their respective phones. And, not only customers but musicologists will also be U.S.- based that have the responsibility to create music and tracks- approximately 150 tracks. If you want to listen songs offline then you can also download the music and tracks. Yesterday, a Pic of Lumia Wireless Charger were leaked on Twitter & Before that there was a rumor about Windows Phone 8, that these phones will have feature to sync SMS & MMS messages to Hotmail and


    This is it? No, this service will give you even more of it like if you are interested in creating a radio station based on bands or songs then you have full privilege to do so. Nokia Music facilitates it’s users with all the comforts and features which a user expects and eliminates all the factors that discomfort it’s users like eliminates all those periodic advertisements through which you have to sit after each song unlike other streaming service Pandora. You can download this app via the Windows Marketplace.

    We all know that Nokia Music was first launched at the Nokia World event last year to raise their funds and grow their business. Music has become a quite good source for many organizations to enhance their business by starting any music services for their customers. There is such a competition in this market world that every company is in the race of manufacturing the products and launching as many services as they can to satisfy their customers and to drive their business. Sony and Cricket are the examples of this as both have announced to launch music services for their customers. Share your reviews with us what you think about this.

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