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    The Best Ways to Transport Construction Equipment

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    Most construction companies are moving towards hiring equipment from companies that hire out construction equipment.

    It makes more financial sense than owning their own. The downside of this is transporting construction equipment from the leasing companies to the site. 

    The machinery is very large and heavy, but there are solutions to this. Shipping and road transportation solutions are available to help with this predicament and here are some tips on how to safely transport construction equipment. Whether you can go for a used dump trailer for sale or specialized trailers, here are some best ways to transport equipment.

    • Use of flattop trailer

    Flattop trailers have been proven to be the most efficient and safest mode of transporting equipment. These trailers can be used to carry different equipment from cranes to heavy excavators and any other equipment. The flattop trailer can carry up to 20,000 Kg depending on the trailer size. Before loading the construction equipment on the trailer check the weight limit of the trailer and the weight of the equipment. Because equipment comes in different shapes and sizes, flattop trailers come in various sizes. You can hire the trailers from Hale Trailer, who can easily advise you on the best trailer to carry your equipment.

    • Check your equipment after loading.

    Although checking for the stability and security of your equipment after loading it in the trailer seems like common sense, many people forget. Nobody wants the leased equipment to be damaged during transportation. This can cause a lot of delays to the Construction Company and expenses for repairs. Use the route that is safest to transport the equipment instead of the faster route.

    • Towing your construction equipment

    If the distance between the construction site and the leasing company is short, you can consider towing the equipment. The towing vehicle should be able to tow the machinery’s weight. Attach the required accessories like trailers if need be. Check for safety measures and caution. For example, if the vehicle’s tires are good enough to tow the weight of the equipment. A towing company can offer solutions for transporting construction equipment, for example, using low-loaders.

    • Disassemble some construction equipment.

    Disassembling construction equipment before transporting them can help reduce the weight and task. Sometimes the equipment may be very large for a flattop trailer and disassembling is the only choice you have. Disassembling equipment will help in carrying the oddly-shaped equipment. This makes work easier.

    • Trailers Specialized in Transfer Equipment

    Some construction equipment might need specialized trailers or transport. Most of these specialized trailers are just variations of the flattop trailer like the low loaders and the drop decks. These specialized trailers help carry equipment that is heavier than what a flattop trailer can carry or have irregular shapes and are oversized.

    Legal Restrictions With Transporting Construction Equipment

    Various councils and states have specific rules and regulations for transporting heavy construction material from height limit, weight, the time when transportation can happen, to which vehicles can carry this equipment. Ensure you follow the rules and regulations of the state you are transporting the equipment in and avoid breaking the transportation laws. You can contact local governments to advise you on transport rules, protocols and regulations.

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