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    Top 10+ Android Apps for Social Media Fanatics

    You have a Google Android Phone? or there are some chances that you’re either planning to get an Android, and you’re already into a set of social media stuff like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Digg… I suggest you to take a look at this list with useful social applications for your mobile phone Android based. This list includes a Twitter client for Android, Digg, Delicious bookmarks manager, MySpace and Facebook apps, music and contacts managers. If you have some more social android apps, share with us in comment – section and let us know which you liked most!

    top 10+ android apps for social media fanatics

    1. Hootsuite Android App

    top 10+ android apps for social media fanatics

    Now Google Android device users can enjoy HootSuite from anywhere with a choice of full-featured and lite versions of the popular social media dashboard. Built to utilize Google open web platform, Android users will now enjoy the same benefits iPhone user have raved about, including – Managing multiple identities and accounts, Creating custom views for tags and searches, Understanding reasons for trending topics, Scheduling messages for the future, Adding followers to lists and accounts, Sharing photos and shortening URLs. HootSuite Android app includes a few new tricks including background notifications so messages keep on coming even when you’re browsing elsewhere.

    2. Fbook – Android’s Facebook App

    top 10+ android apps for social media fanatics

    fBook is an Android app that allows you to interact with your Facebook account from your T-Mobile G1 or Android powered device by Next Mobile Web. fBook app is straight-forward and easy to use, very similar to the desktop version of Facebook. The useful feature is the Photo Uploading while mobile and the notifications that you can receive.

    3. Digg App for the Android

    top 10+ android apps for social media fanatics

    The Digg Android app has been designed for an ideal mobile Digg browsing experience on an Android phone. You can browse and digg stories and comments, and the app supports landscape mode for browsing story titles and pages that load in the in-app browser. The Digg Android app looks great on newer Android phone models with higher resolution screens like the Nexus One and the Droid.

    4. Android App

    top 10+ android apps for social media fanatics

    You can Choose an artist or genre and builds the perfect playlist just for you, fresh every time, featuring your favorites and new discoveries powered by millions of users sharing the music they love. You can skip any song and find out about concerts, too.

    5. DroidIn – Android’s LinkedIn app

    top 10+ android apps for social media fanatics

    DroidIn lets users view or edit their profile, read recent activities of their professional connections, and browse their network to connect with others.
    While both versions of the app are open to LinkedIn members, only the $2 paid version of DroidIn has certain features. Anyone who wants to use the search function or avoid Google Ads will have to pony up for the paid version. DroidIn supports sending messages within LinkedIn, contrary to the original post. Though there isn’t a direct link to the Inbox, clicking on a user’s profile provides a link to send that person a message. Thanks to Bo for pointing that out.

    6. Twidroid – Best Android Twitter Client

    top 10+ android apps for social media fanatics
    Twidroid Android app is the industry-standard twitter client for android and among the most used twitter applications across all platforms. It’s available as a free and commercial pro version that supports all twitter features as well as functionality that is customized to the capabilities of android devices.
    It lets users postings, mentions & direct messages, follow/unfollow users, native retweet option, threaded view for DM, integrated search, synced saved searches,background notifications, geo location support and many more features!
    In Twidroid pro Android App (EUR 3.39 / ~ USD 4.89) you will get some extra features like multi-account support, support, shake phone to refresh!

    7. Delicious Bookmarks

    top 10+ android apps for social media fanatics

    This Android Application allows you to save bookmarks to Delicious social bookmarking service from the Android web browser.The current implementation simply adds the option to Save to delicious when Share page is selected from the browser menu. You can also view your bookmarks in the browser by clicking on the Delicious Bookmarks icon in the application list.

    8. MySpace App

    top 10+ android apps for social media fanatics

    If you love MySpace, you’re really going to love MySpace Mobile for Android. Simply download the free application to stay connected with your friends, share photos, and check out the tour schedules of your favorite bands… anytime, anyplace.

    9. Flickr Droid – Android’s Flickr app

    top 10+ android apps for social media fanatics

    A fully-featured Flickr Droid app. It lets users Browse your photos, favorites, collections, sets, and contacts. Edit comments, save images, and set wallpaper. Upload saved photos, take photos on the fly and upload, Easy search and viewing of Flickr images, Automatic wallpaper updater, based on YOUR search, or your own photos,Auto-correct spelling, Tiny bandwidth use, Images can be set as background/contacts, shared, or saved, Tilt Control!

    10. Babbler – Free Facebook App for Android

    top 10+ android apps for social media fanatics
    Babbler is a full blown Facebook application that runs on Google Android. With Babbler I can now access pretty much everything on Facebook except for Facebook chat. What I really love about the application is that it’s seamlessly integrated with my mobile browser. Thus when you click on a link in Babbler it launches the G1’s browser to load Facebook without requiring me to login again. It has some good features like View your Facebook news feed, Access and write on your friends’ walls, Create status updates, Access events, View friends’ photos, Setting notifications, Upload photos and videos, Sharing links, photos, videos, Commenting on wall posts, Ability to like wall posts, Link your Twitter account, Switch users, Voice based status updates!

    11. Palringo – Instant Messaging client for Android

    top 10+ android apps for social media fanatics

    Palringo Android App is the ultimate Instant Messaging client for Android platform based phones. You can chat with all your buddies, no matter what IM they use, all from one universal Instant Messenger. It lets users Express yourself in chat with emoticons and smileys to show your friends how you’re feeling, Send voice messages at the click of a button so your friends can hear your voice, Show your buddies what you’re looking at by sharing photos and pictures in chats.

    12. Reddit is Fun – Android app fro Redditers

    top 10+ android apps for social media fanatics

    ‘Reddit is Fun’ Android app has decent and simpler interface to use It’s definitely friendlier than going to in the Android browser. You can login and vote on threads and comments, and leave comment replies. The dialog are kinda ugly but it sure beats trying to click the little arrows in the web browser.

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    1. Both Digg and FB offerings are sub-par. There is a huge room for improvement. Especially Digg.

      And I can’t believe you failed to mention “Reddit is Fun.” The app is just simply amazing. It brings most of the Reddit desktop functionality to your phone.


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