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    Top 10+ Best Windows 7 Themes you might want to try

    If You are now running Windows 7, you should read our previous posts relating to ‘speed up windows 7.’

    Windows 7 is the first ever operating system from Microsoft that has been developed largely by keeping user feedback in mind. It is much more faster and better looking than Vista. If you are one of those users looking to upgrade or buy Windows 7, then you should definitely look out for some custom made themes. If you are running windows 7 already, then you want to pretty up your desktop and load new Windows 7 themes.

    top 10+ best windows 7 themes you might want to try

    You will need to make sure that the file is suitable for Windows 7, then simply download and install. The themes we will cover are all featured on DeviantArt. Check them out and go grab yourself one that you like. Today here we present you 11 Best windows 7 themes (temas para windows 7) created by DeviantArt users.

    Let us know what your favorites are and if you find any others, let us know in the comments.

    1. Terra nova

      top 10+ best windows 7 themes you might want to try 

      It is an excellent theme which illustrates stunning visual graphics to windows seven. It is one of the most downloaded themes because you will get a whole new experience that had never been felt with any other theme. Basically it was designed on the basis of famous terra nova video game so the fans will be surely amazed with its outputs.

    2. Nightfall

      top 10+ best windows 7 themes you might want to tryIt is a very unique and elegant theme used in windows 7 to change whole user experience. It is advised that uninstall any other theme before its installation. Also close all other programs running in the background before installation has finished.

    3. Assassin creed theme

      top 10+ best windows 7 themes you might want to tryAssassin creed is one of the mist famous videogame of all the time because of its fascinating visual graphics. There are numerous fans of this game who want their pc looks like same as the game did. In this theme you will get icons if assassin creed game on your system icons such as my computer and recycle bin.  This theme contains a total number of 47 background wallpapers related to game.

    4. Angry birds theme

      top 10+ best windows 7 themes you might want to tryNobody is unknown to famous angry birds game that is why its theme is also awesome. Decorate your desktop with all new angry birds theme available for windows 7. Accessories of angry birds game are already occupying a big space in electronics stuff. In addition to your craze for this game, this elegant theme will be the best option to choose.

    5. Clear screen sharp for windows 7

      top 10+ best windows 7 themes you might want to tryIf you want a totally clean surface in the screen of your pc then switch to clearscreen sharp theme. With its crystal clear sharp output, you can perform all normal functions fluently because it is not as heavy as other themes available for windows. All the graphical elements including task bar and start menu are simply amazing.

    6. Neon windows 7 theme

      top 10+ best windows 7 themes you might want to tryNeon is simply attractive and amazing wherever you see it. This neon theme for windows 7 is simply crystal clear and sharp. The combination of black in crystal blue will derive you to a next level of pc using. Icons of this theme are also one of the eye catching elements of this theme.

    7. MAC OS mountain lion transformation skin pack

      top 10+ best windows 7 themes you might want to tryOf you want to experience the operation system of apple on your windows 7 then this theme is one of the best options for you. It will not just change the wallpaper of cursor but can also change whole user interface of windows and you will feel like using a MAC book. The widgets and taskbar of this theme are simply awesome and very useful for user.

    8. Android E

      top 10+ best windows 7 themes you might want to tryAndroid is a well known operating system of smart phones and most of the people are familiar to it. Imagine as if you will get the experience of android icons and desktop backgrounds in your PC. It is an awesome combination of both operating systems. If you love your android mobile then this theme is definitely made for you. Just try it at once and feel the difference.

    9. Hardwired premium theme for windows 7

      top 10+ best windows 7 themes you might want to tryIt’s all about technology lovers, because this theme is packed with awesome visual graphics that cannot be seen in all normal windows 7 themes. The blue and black combination of this theme will surely attract you to keep it on your desktop for a long time. You will be amazed by the icons provided by theme creators.

    10. HUD aqua premium theme

      top 10+ best windows 7 themes you might want to tryThe HUD aqua theme is not just an ordinary theme pack but loaded with many premium features such as icons, wallpaper, customized system clock, cursor, sound scheme, and new fonts etc. just download the theme and explore the hidden features that cannot be seen normally in computers. It will change your using experience re4garding windows 7. It is important that use theme resource changer to apply full features of HUD aqua theme.


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    2. Wow, great themes! All our employees have downloaded it. Now we each have seperate themes. Very cool! Thanks.
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