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    Keep Your Business Site Successful With These 10 Apps

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    The best thing that could ever happen to most businesses is the rise of new technologies. It is becoming much more accessible for companies to integrate with the latest app updates and releases, particularly on mobile devices.

    To get your business website up to speed, you must be equipped with the right digital tools.

    This is why I have curated the top 10 apps that can make your business website a continuous success:

    1. Google Analytics App

    When running an online business, having a type of analytics software is excellent to help keep track of what is goes on with everything on your website and who is visiting.

    Google Analytics is one of the top analytics solutions for not only your website desktop version but iOS and Android devices with far less troubleshooting problems.

    Google Analytics app provides your business site with real-time data on website traffic, acquisition data, audience insights, behavior, conversions, etc.

    With every user that accesses your website via a mobile device, the app helps ensure that your website is performing as it should be while you’re on the run.

    2. HubSpot

    The HubSpot app is a great inbound marketing and sales platform.

    It helps attract visitors, generate traffic, convert leads, and close customers to your business website.

    Besides this, HubSpot comes with features that are designed for website content management, social media marketing, web analytics, and search engine optimization (SEO).

    Another exciting aspect of HubSpot is that it can be integrated with other web apps such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

    You can download this app on your Google play store for android devices and on your App Store for iOS.

    Hootsuite’s free plan allows users to manage up to three social accounts, and schedule up to 30 posts at a time with very minimal impact on the performance of your operating system.

    3. Mobile Roadie

    Mobile Roadie runs excellently on iPhone, Android, iPad, Linux, and Web.

    This app is excellent for building, hosting, and creating apps in minutes and cloud-based technology and support for mobile app geo-tagging.

    Depending on the user location on your website, this app allows you to manage targeted marketing campaigns.

    Mobile Roadie comes with strong sales possibilities, all thanks to its mailing list, e-store, and QR scanners integration.

    With clients such as Universal Pictures, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tupperware, the Aspen Ideas Festival, and Harvard University, etc. it is little wonder why this app is a hit for business sites.

    Mobile Roadie, however, doesn’t come cheap at $149 per month for the Core plan and $799 per month for the Pro plan.

    And to get the best out of this app the Operating System (OS) version installed on your device must be the latest version. 

    4. Shopify mobile app 

    Shopify mobile app is excellent for eCommerce business because it lets you run your online store wherever you are.

    This marketing app enables you to process orders, update your product listings, track stock, and communicate with customers.

    The app’s unmistakable ka-ching sound it makes with every sale you make on your store makes this app not only endearing but also a hit with eCommerce businesses such as the Writing Judge paper review services.

    5. Salesforce Mobile

    This app is excellent for B2B (business to business) businesses that need a CRM in place to help keep sales efforts efficient and profitable.

    Salesforce is not only a unique and stable CRM for desktop versions, but because it has a fantastic mobile version for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and tablet.

    All the features required to access the regular desktop CRM on your business website are also included in the mobile version.

    Thus, allowing any B2B owner who is always on the move to make sure that the business is staying profitable and that sales keep rolling in.

    Salesforce is available on Google play store and App Store for free download.

    6. WordPress 

    WordPress is arguably one of the best website content management systems (or CMS) there is out there.

    It is also an excellent app for blogging, business, eCommerce, or Pick The Writer online review styled websites.

    For sites hosted on WordPress, having the mobile app is essential because they have seen significant improvements to help easily publish content and manage websites using a mobile device.

    Also, this app lets you manage your website content even when you are offline.

    It enables you to create, edit, and publish content, moderate comments, view analytics, and more.

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing a WordPress website, with hundreds of themes and plug-ins for additional functionality.

    However, it is vital to limit the use of plug-ins, so your website is not riddled with multiple troubleshooting and error messages.

    WordPress app is available for free download on both Android and iOS devices.

    7. Canva 

    Canva is a lightweight go-to tool when it comes to creating quality graphics for your website.

    The app is designed with a powerful yet intuitive visual creator compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.

    Also, it is a top marketing app perfect for creating images for social media posts on the fly.

    Canva enables you to create and maintain a business website built from scratch or with one of the many Canva templates.

    It comes with an extensive library of images and graphics to select from.

    Additionally, once you are done creating content, you can share the finished image directly to any of the popular social media platforms your business is signed to.

    8. Nimble

    The Nimble app comes with a CRM tool that automatically syncs, updates, and stores customer information with ease.

    It helps your sales and customer service team build solid client relationships.

    With customer profiles at your fingertips, even your remote sales team can efficiently design marketing strategies for your business website.

    For entrepreneurs looking to build brand loyalty, it is essential to capture customer insights that can generate brand trust irrespective of your location.

    Nimble is available for free download for web, iOS, and Android.

    9. Mention 

    Keeping track of what consumers say about you and your niche online helps your business stay relevant and cater to the constantly changing needs of the customers.

    However, it could get challenging to juggle running your business and trying to look through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. for all your mentions.

    Mention is a unique and straightforward app that lets you set keywords and monitor millions of different sources that mention it in real-time, so you can get the crucial stats and trends to build a more interactive website.

    It is available for download on your Android and iOS devices.

    10. Google Ads

    Though this app is a bit on the pricey side, Google Ads is a great way to generate traffic to your website and increase revenue, whether it’s on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

    Besides, when you require a pay per click smart advertising, Google Ads (Google AdWords) is the way to go.

    It is also a great way to keep close track of your account by having this app on hand at all times, from checking your daily spend, getting campaign suggestions, editing your budget, and so much more.


    Though these are all great apps, it is better to use a few to their full extent, rather than randomly making use of all of them.

    Also, it is essential to have the latest operating system on your device before you proceed to download the apps and tools that are most in line with your business digital marketing strategy.

    Ava Jones
    Ava Jones
    Based in Chicago, Ava T. Jones is best known for her contributions to translation and writing. She is currently working as a contributor at PickTheWriter and as a freelance writer at WritingJudge. She entered the writing world to explore her passion for contrastive linguistics, adaptation and lexicography. Ava also enjoys skiing, social media management and vegan parties.

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