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    Instametrogram- A Windows 8 Instagram App

    Instagram has proved itself one of the best image sharing service that is using by millions of users across the globe. Due to this high popularity, the developers have launched a new Windows 8 Instagram app for Windows 8 and RT users to stay connected with their with their Instagram accounts and receive all updates in real time. The name itself implies that it is the combination of both Instagram and the Metro interface of Windows 8. At first glance, most of us may think that it is another Instagram app with same features but when you use it, you will discover that Instametrogram possess really good features like Live tiles, Geotagged Map View and lot more that make it different from Instagram.


    Instametrogram is mainly an Instagram viewer that allows you to view your own images and even those images also that are shared by your friends and other Instagram users without the need of signing up with the service. Not only this, it will send you notification whenever any new image is added. So that, you can keep yourself up to date with your Instagram account. Something cool about it is that it allows you to search images by using the map and know where the image is captured. Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can still view the popular images on the Instametrogram. But we recommend this app for Instagrammers, so that they can take advantage of this app completely. Note that, you can share your images with your friends, like them and can post a comment but you can’t upload your images.


    1. Find your Instagram feed, photos and likes

    As soon as you login to your account, you will notice various sections including your likes, follows, feeds and much more. Though, you can upload your photos but other than that Instametrogram allows you to enjoy all the features of Instagram. If you want a grid look of all your sections including Feed, MyLikes, MyFeed, MyFollows and Popular then you can click on the minuscule (-) button which is present at the bottom-right corner in case of Windows 8 and in case of Windows RT, you can use pinch to zoom gesture for zooming out the screen.

    2. Live tiles of your Instagram contents

    To experience anything live, is always an amazing thing and Instametrogram provides you the same. It shows live tiles of your contents including your own images, popular images and much more. Such that you can have a quick access on them.

    3. Download Images on your PC

    Instametrogram allows you to save images that you like on your system. To download any photo, you need to click ‘Save image’ option in the app bar. Your photo will be downloaded within few seconds. You can also share your pictures via E-mail.

    4. Displays the location of the photos on the Map

    This is the most attractive feature of Instametrogram that it let’s you to find the location of the images on the map with geotagging information. To displays the maps, Instametrogram uses Bing API. So, just check out where the images are captured.

    5. Allow to like the images and post comments

    Like other Instagram apps, Instametrogram also allows you to like the images and post comments on that.

    6. Sends notification whenever any new image is added

    Instametrogram sends you notification, when any new image is available. This feature helps you to stay connected with your Instagram account and you can easily come to know whenever any thing is available for you.

    7. Browse friends and Images

    Another good use of map is that you can find images by using it. Navigate the map for finding the images that you are looking for. You will see the thumbnails of photos with their locations.


    1. Decent and clean user interface

    2. Live tiles of Instagram contents

    3. Easy to use

    4. Geotagged map view

    5. Images can be downloaded


    1. Uploading of images can not be done

    2. Slightly slower

    3. Sometimes crashes


    Despite of some of it’s drawbacks, this small nifty app is still a best way to view your Instagram account and get all the updates related to it. Undoubtedly, Instametrogram is worth trying out, especially if you don’t need to spend a single penny for this.

    Download Instametrogram

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