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    Access your Photos All from One Place with Trovebox

    Today, mobile phones are not more considered as a way to call your buddies only. They have become Smart now! Hence, they don’t follow only make-or-receive-calls scenario and come up with countless awesome features like HD camera, high processing power, higher RAM and lot more. Thanks to their developers who are putting their full efforts to fulfill the user’s needs who are spending more time in taking and sharing their photos through their smartphones. There are so many photo editors and image sharing services like Instagram, Flickr and Facebook are available out there that not only enhance our images but also provide an excellent platform to share the same. But, are our images safe? I guess, not. We often lose our precious photos because of many reasons. Therefore, we need a safe and single place where we can store our all images from multiple sites and devices and Trovebox is the best solution for that.

    Trovebox is a web application that provides us exactly what we need. It organizes our photos by importing them from multiple websites including Flickr, Facebook and Instagram and store them in online cloud storage. So that, we can share our images to our buddies all from one place.


    Trovebox uses a simple concept. It simply import your photos from image sharing services including Instagram, Facebook and Flickr and save them to it’s cloud server or even you can use your own personal cloud storage accounts (it supports Amazon S3, Dropbox, Box, CX and DreamObjects) to provide you a single hub to manage your photos. And yes, you need to create an account first to access it’s services. You can either choose free one or paid one for enjoying more features.


    1. Image Sharing Via E-mail, Twitter and Facebook

    Apart from managing and storing your images, Trovebox also let’s you to share your pics to your loved ones with very less overhead via E-mail, Twitter and Facebook. Choosing an e-mail option is the simplest method that will attach a low resolution photo of yours (that can be public or private) and send it to your friends. Moreover, your friends don’t even to signup or login to check out your pictures. You can also post your photos to your Facebook or Twitter account but for this you have to make sure that your photo, which you are going to share, must be public.

    2. Import your Images from Multiple Sites

    As already discussed, Trovebox imports your photos from many image sharing sites including Flickr, Instagram and Facebook to provide only one place from where you can easily share your photos but for this you need to choose paid plan. Well, you can also upload your images directly from your PC to the service by simply using dragging and dropping method and then categorize them as public or private. It also provides ease of tagging your friends in your pictures. Note that, there is not any limit on number of pictures you are uploading if you don’t choose a paid plan but you can view around 100 pictures a month. To remove these restrictions, you can choose paid plan.

    3. Organizing and Batch Editing your pictures

    Trovebox makes updating and editing of images very easier to you. With few clicks, you can change the title of your images, make them private or public, and add them to any albums of yours. You can also perform all these operation in batch. For this, you need to choose Pushpin which will be your key or you can also select all the images from the sub navigation to form a queue of your photos from where you can easily perform all the operations like changing privacy, tagging friends etc.

    4. Supports Multiple Online Cloud Storage Services

    Trovebox supports many online cloud storage services including Dropbox, DreamObjects, Amazon S3, CX and Box. Such that you can use your existing account to save your pictures. It doesn’t include any hard and fast rule to migrate between different storage accounts. You can done this with very easy steps.

    5. Provides on the go service for Android and iOS users

    Enjoy the services of Trovebox on the go with it’s official iOS and Android apps. So, share your pictures anytime and anytime with Trovebox mobile app.


    Trovebox may be still under the radar but it is an excellent way to keep your images safe and secure at one place. Whatever it does, it does flawlessly. This is a fantastic app for not only a pro photographer but also for a hobbyist who is looking for a neat and clean single interface to manage all of his pictures. If you really want to protect your images, Travebox is worth trying out.

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