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    Clean up Your Whatsapp Media With WCleaner Beta

    One app that has shown a tremendous growth and earned a real praise from it’s users, is Whatsapp. Whatsapp has become a standard from which all other smartphone messengers are judged. Neat and clean ad-free user interface, group chat, videos and image sharing, it possess everything that a perfect private chat app should have. It saves all your conversation in an encrypted form on your SD card also and as the time and the amount of your account’s data increases, more of your memory space will be consumed by it. Therefore, it becomes to necessary to free up that space time to time with the help of WCleaner Beta. So that, you can reuse that space for saving other useful stuff that was initially wasted on saving those old conversations.

    I am using the word “waste” because of the 2 reasons- first you can’t read your encrypted chats directly on your device (you need to decrypt it first using python or another method) and second, not every user concerns about saving his old conversations that he can’t even read (restore though). There should be a solution that can make this job easier for you. And you know what, we have a good news for the Android users in the form of WCleaner Beta. They can now manage all their Whatsapp data with the help of WCleaner Beta.

    WCleaner Beta

    Clean up Your Whatsapp Media With WCleaner Beta

    WCleaner Beta

    WCleaner is a simple yet very useful tool that let’s you delete those unwanted files that are associated with your Whatsapp account. The concept is quite simple. It first gives you a list of all your Whatsapp data in order to provide you an preview before you proceed to delete them.  Delete the files that you don’t need anymore but don’t forget to move your those files to different location such as external storage that you want to save. You can either delete all of your content at once through WCleaner Beta or delete them separately.

    Key Features:

    1. Neat and clean User interface

    The WCleaner Beta small nifty app has a clean and user friendly interface that makes it easier to use and understand. Another noteworthy feature is that unlike other free apps, it doesn’t contain any annoying ads. Meanwhile, provides you couple of useful features such as the total size of your Whatsapp media, different categories of all the data (audio, video, backups and Images) and number of files in each category.

    2. Give a preview of all your Whatsapp data

    Before deleting your stuff, it provides you a list of all your data including images, video, and audio. You can quickly go through the list of WCleaner Beta and easily decide what you want to do with your file.

    3. Delete your Whatsapp media

    You can delete entire data by WCleaner Beta with a single click but if you want to delete the selected files in a particular category then simply tap on that category, it will show you all the files present in that file category and the memory used by them. Select the files by marking up the check boxes and then click on the “Delete selected files” to delete them. You can also delete your Whatsapp Backups by using WCleaner Beta but we recommend you to not to delete the recent one’s.

    4. Includes Open, Save and Delete operations

    When you select any file, you will have 3 options- Open, Copy and Delete. Obviously, open and delete operation will open and delete the selected file respectively but save option will help you to copy your file from it’s current location to another where you want to save it.


    All in all WCleaner Beta is a versatile app that makes managing Whatsapp data much easier than ever before and its  fascinating features and ease of use makes it worth trying out. Plus, it is absolutely free!

    Download WCleaner

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