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    5 Best Free Apps to Create your Own Ringtones for Android

    The main advantage of having an Android phone is the freedom you get to personalize your device according to your taste. You are completely allowed to do your own things in order to glam up your device. Earlier we have discussed, how you can customize your whole interface through Android Home Launchers to give your personal touch and even send your stuff over Wi-Fi by some awesome Wi-Fi File sharing apps. But this time, we are going to help you out in personalizing your ringtones for android because we know, everyone loves to make an impression on the folks around you and the cool and snazzy ringtones will help you to do the same.

    Generally, you need an audio cutter, audio joiner, audio player and sometimes even recorder (if you want to set your own voice as your ringtone) to create perfect ringtones for android from your favorite song. But, what if I say you can have all these just in one app? Yes, it can be possible by using the some great ringtone makers that we are going to discuss in this article.Oh wait, did I forget to tell you that you can do all these with the awesome price of FREE! Scroll down to check out our top 5 Android Apps that let’s you to create your own Ringtones:

    5 Best Free Apps to Create your Own Ringtones for Android

    1. Ringdroid

    Ringtones for Android

    We will start our list with Ringdroid that let’s you to create your own ringtones, alarm tones or notification alerts according to your own taste. What we like about this app, even though it comes with a free price tag but still it gives you a neat and clean user interface without those annoying ads. With it, you can easily turn any of your favorite songs into ringtones for android. So go ahead and give the app a shot and find how easy it is to create your own Android ringtone.

    2. Ringtonium LITE

    Ringtones for Android

    Another ringtone maker that allows you to record any favorite tune or even your voice, edit it and then turn it into a ringtone, alarm tone or any notification sound. MACRO tuning wheel engine, colossal collection of free ringtones for android, user friendly interface, two cool sound effects, very fast and accurate editing, this small nifty app has it all. This is the free version of the app. If you want to enjoy more features then you can download it’s paid version Ringtonium PRO ($0.99) though you can install it for free by downloading the ad-free version of the app- Ringtonium PRO Gold and trying out some new apps that are recommended for you through Getjar Gold.

    3. Ringtone Maker

    Ringtones for Android

    Ringtone Maker is inspired from the popular web service of the developers- Mobile17.com (a website that makes ringtones out of your MP3s). The app contains ads but if you want to get rid of them then you can upgrade yourself to the paid version of the app- Ringtone maker Pro (for this you have to cough up $0.99). To create ringtones for android, just open the app, choose your song and then use slider control and fine-tuning buttons to create the ringtone. You are done!

    4. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

    Ringtones for Android

    Mp3 Ringtone Maker is simple and easy to use app with some awesome features that sets it apart. Unlike other apps, it offers the ability to fade in and fade out your ringtone and to adjust the volume. Another cool feature is that it allows to share your ringtones with your buddies via E-mail, an ability that few apps offer. Sorting the files, Deleting the audio, auto scrolling of the waveform and an indicator cursor ( to play selected part of the ringtone), multiple formats support, clean UI, preview of audio files etc., make MP3 Ringtone Maker a solid choice.

    5. Ringtone Maker 

    Ringtones for Android

    A unique app that has 3 useful built in tools- Audio player, Audio recorder and Audio cutter to create great ringtones for android. Along with these tools, it also let’s you to manually set start and end time of the clip, displays audio file into a waveform at 4 zoom levels, deletes created ringtone and lot more.

    So, these are top 5 Android ringtone maker apps that we feel are best to use and if somehow I missed any other great Android ringtone maker then feel free to share it with us through comments.

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