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    11 Best Stock Tracking Applications

    Investing on the stock market used to be a much more complicated process than it is now that we have such a very wide choice of stock tracking applications.

    Small-time investors needed to contact full-service brokers for investing their money and they charged very high fees for their services. When it comes to stock price tracking people needed to rely on newspapers or their broker’s tips. Now, when there is plenty of stock tracking applications and stock picking service, people can track the prices of the preferred stocks in real-time, from their desktop computers or mobile phones.

    In this article, we reviewed 11 of the best stock tracking applications.

    Yahoo Finance

    This application was developed by Yahoo Inc. It allows its users to track real-time performance of their stocks and indexes. It also offers plenty of in-depth analysis that can be found on the Yahoo Finance website. App users are also able to import their portfolios from this website and read Yahoo Finance news and data by clicking on the Research tab.


    Another free stock tracking application made by the media giant. It offers a lot of possibilities for stock view customization, as well as the possibility to read breaking news from all Bloomberg websites. Users can also analyze their personal holdings by using one of many tools this app comes with.

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    TD Ameritrade Mobile

    Except the usual features that allow its users to buy, sell and track their preferred stocks, they are also able to scan bar codes and determine which company stands behind the product and their public information. This is one of the rare mobile trading apps that come with this feature.


    This is a free stock tracking application that works on iOS. It comes with a very graphic design and color coded maps of each sector, with hot stocks painted in vivid colors. This helps its users to understand the current market trends. This is probably the app with the nicest graphics on the market.



    SigFig is one of the most popular trading apps. The main application allows traders to track, manage and optimize investment portfolios. It is free and users just need to sign up, fill a risk profile form and add their investment plan. SigFig also comes with advice for managing user’s portfolios and real-time stock market news. One of the drawbacks about this stock tracking applicaiton is that it only offers a three year view of your brokerage account, unlike some other apps that come with five or ten year view history.

    Fidelity Investments

    This application is a step forward from beginner’s software and it allows users to track their stocks and trade them on the market. It comes with customizable screens, money management tools, trading option and market news videos that come out daily. Funds can be transferred to the app by using checks. Checks can be photographed with the phone camera and mailed to the app administrators after which the balance will increase without waiting for clearance.

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    Like other similar apps Benzinga offers real-time stock market information, breaking news section and up-to-date stock quotes. It can also be integrated with social networks, which allows its users to share trending stocks or breaking news on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. This application is free, and there’s also a BenzingaPro subscription. There are three different subscription levels and depending on the one subscribers choose they can get number of additional features that go from news streaming to instant Q-and-A analysis.

    USA Today Portfolio Tracker

    USA Portfolio Tracker allows its users to see all of their investment accounts in one place. This includes: stocks, mutual funds, 401(k) plans etc. Users are also able to relocate funds from one account to the other. App is linked to more than 50 top brokerages in the country and it is currently one of the most reliable mobile portfolio tracking app. Same as with other similar apps, its users can view real-time quotes and news as well as analyze risk levels, asset allocation and dividend yields.

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    Shares 2

    Shares 2 comes handy for the people who like to trade with international stocks. It shows user’s investments in currency of their choice and it has automatically updated exchange rates. In addition to this it gives information about stock value, total expenditures and profit loss statistics in money and percentages for all the companies that users invested their money in.

    Talk Penny Stocks

    This stock tracking application is in the top 20 finance apps in the world market. Moreover, the app is featured in Apple’s “Top 20 new and Noteworthy” app list. This is probably the only piece of software that features a live chat with other brokers. By using Talk Penny Stocks, users can instantly exchange experiences, ideas and lucrative opportunities. It also features a 24/7 user forum, daily featured stock picks, top chat-room picks, a gain/loss calculator and more. All you need to do now is download the app and create your user-name and password for logging in and you are good to go.

    Talk Penny Stocks is especially convenient for beginners as they can learn a lot by chatting to more experienced brokers. If you are an amateur broker, be sure to check out this guide to help you get into the world of penny stocks.

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    It looks like a social network, but it isn’t. This app is not originally made to track user’s investments, but to closely watch investment strategies of your friends and share your own strategies for them to see. Currently this app is only available for Android users. This is totally new concept and it provides the opportunity for beginner traders to follow their more experienced colleagues and develop their own investment tactics.

    Bottom Line

    Most of these stock tracking applications provide real-time information about stock prices and market trends and are great for active trading.

    Depending on the app traders choice they can also come with breaking news, more elaborate stock analysis and many other useful features that make buying, selling and tracking stocks easier than ever.

    Marcus Jensen
    Marcus Jensen
    Marcus is an Australian IT support professional. He’s running his own business, working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.

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