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    Setting Up Your TV for a Perfect Picture

    Now that you have brought your favorite new television home, it is time to set it up and enjoy the high quality video experience it has to offer. At this stage most people get lost in the myriad of settings that the television offers and do not know what color levels will be best or how sharp they want their picture to be. If you are among those confused souls then read on and learn how to get crisp and colorful pictures from setting up your TV correctly.

    remote-control-932273_1920You can make easy and quick adjustments from the remote (without it as well), there is no technical knowledge required to set up the picture, all you need is your eyes, your TV set with a working remote and this short guide.

    Picture Presets

    Your television comes with a few factory presets; these settings have pre-fixed levels of image parameters such as brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, and more. Most models will allow you to tweak these preset parameters and save a customized version of the preset. Choose a picture setting that suits your room and is comfortable to watch for prolonged periods. Some satellite cable providers such as also provide such detailed guidance.

    Dynamic/Vivid Picture Mode

    The dynamic or vivid picture preset has higher brightness, contrast levels, and sharpness. This mode is ideal for displaying a clear picture in a strongly lit room. Video games and animation are best displayed in this mode.

    Standard Mode

    This picture preset has moderate levels of contrast and brightness. If you want to watch standard broadcasts, cable, and satellite programs, this is the best option.

    Movie/ Pro Mode

    This preset is optimized to display a more “real” picture; enhancements like sharpness are reduced or likely eliminated. It is best when you want to view high-quality videos in DVD or HDTV sources.

    Digging Deeper and Tweaking Controls

    Venture a little deeper into the picture control menus and you will be able to customize the picture to perfect levels.

    black-88054_1920Get the most natural looking picture by following these tips:

    Brightness Levels

    Also called the black level, it represents how bright the black colors are in the picture. Most people have this set too high, the ideal level is when the black looks black yet the details in the scene can be easily seen.


    This is the white level and controls the light level of the image. Tweak it to about half of the maximum level. The edges of the white objects in the scene should appear clear and crisp instead of blurring or bleeding out.


    This is the setting that is adjusted to a level which you prefer; just don’t make it too high or too low, the picture will end up looking cartoon-like or appear burned. The preset factory level is usually a good level.


    Improves lower quality signals and makes the image appear clear by artificially enhancing the edges of objects. If this setting is too high, you will see halos appear around the objects seen on the screen. DVD video usually does not need to be sharpened, set it to zero when watching high-quality video.

    Calibration Tools

    If you want an easy way to setup the picture controls to optimal levels and avoid fiddling with menu controls, your best bet is to get a calibration DVD disc. These discs come with special test patterns and scenes that will help you adjust you black levels, white levels, sharpness and contrast. Or if you want to be a 100% sure about your settings then consult a professional calibration service, their employees are certified and usually the best at understanding your needs and will deliver the most accurate results.

    Your owner’s manual can provide more detailed guidelines and facts, be sure to read the relevant sections about setting up your tv.

    It is no use getting a perfect television if you do not take the time to fix the settings. This article covers the basics of picture settings and will help you create a comfortable viewing experience.

    Author Bio: Neal Bricker loves writing about the latest news in technology. He has written a tonne of articles to various blogs and topics from TVs to the latest gadgets.

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