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    The Newest Game Technologies In 2020

    The gaming industry has been evolving a lot since it entered the mainstream around the 80s.

    So, this industry has been taking huge leaps forward, from progressing generations of consoles to great innovative ideas.

    In this article, we look at some of the latest and best game technologies that you’ll enjoy in 2020. So, keep reading to find out.

    1. Facial Recognition


    The 3D scanning technology and the latest facial recognition feature allow some gaming systems to make an avatar that looks just like you.

    So, you can actually customize an avatar in the gaming world to resemble you from the face to your hair.

    In addition, the Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera will allow professional developers to create smarter games.

    These games will be able to adapt your emotions by scanning 78 points of your face.

    For instance, the game can sense your facial expressions and increase or reduce the game’s difficulty depending on your current emotions.

    Honour of Kings is a great game example that uses this feature.

    The facial recognition in this game can even determine your age, thus limiting the play time, especially if you are kid.

    2. Voice Recognition


    Sometimes, you just feel too lazy even to get the controller, but you really want to play to get rid of the boredom.

    If that describes you, then the voice recognition feature will be your best friend.

    One major thing that you can do using this feature is turning your gaming console on and off.

    Also, using this voice recognition feature, allows you to control your gameplay, go through social media platforms, listen to some music from your computer or even google some stuff quickly.

    You can enjoy voice recognition in a game such as Path of Exile as it allows you to use your voice to even launch attacks.

    3. Gesture Control


    Gesture control is one of the most amazing features that you can use when gaming in 2020.

    What makes this feature so incredible is how it allows you to play without using your controller.

    With this feature, you can play shooter games or even interact with your system by just waving hands around in a certain way.

    Using an advanced 3D camera that usually tracks about 22 different points in your hands, gesture control allows you to connect to your gaming machine using natural body movements.

    The game Warrior Wave is an excellent example as it has employed RealSense technology, which enables you to use your hand gestures to lead your soldiers to safety.

    4. Amazing Graphics


    The gaming world has really evolved, especially when it comes to graphics.

    Developers have now made a lot of advancements, especially in the display’s texture, which now allows you to have a better gaming experience as you play your favorite games.

    For example, games like Call of Duty and Metro Exodus have great graphics providing you with an excellent gaming experience.

    5. Cloud Gaming


    Instead of developing games that need powerful hardware, most developers are now working on using the cloud to make things easier.

    That way, games won’t be limited by how much space you have in your console or discs.

    So, with this technology advancement, you will be using cloud technology to play games that need a huge server-size and your gaming images will be streamed to your computer screen using the internet.

    So, you can enjoy great games that offer cloud gaming such as Mortal combat and Cry of fear allowing you to have more fun.

    As you can see from this article, there are several technological advancements that you can now enjoy in 2020.

    Therefore, make sure you look for them so you can also enjoy an out of this world gaming experience.

    Author Bio

    Jane Evans is one of the best writers and bloggers from New York City. When not writing, she loves to sing, dance, go swimming, and draw. She says that using a professional essay writing service is one thing that helped her majorly become a better writer. You can follow Jane on LinkedIn and Twitter.

    Jane Evans
    Jane Evans
    Jane Evans is a writer and blogger from New York City. When not writing, she loves to sing, dance, go swimming, and draw. You can follow Jane on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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