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    10 Simple Spotify Tips You Really Need to Know

    Spotify provides you some really amazing features which one needs to discover for sure. Earlier Spotify was only considered for providing music-related services but now it provides you some amazingly innovative features. Apart from providing the music streaming service, Spotify Tips includes a bundle of features like video streaming due to which it has become the talk of the town in the entertainment industry. Spotify has now become one of the top listed paid and free music platforms all around the world and is also available in the form of an app for your Smartphone whether Android or Apple. Spotify gives you some really cool tips in the field of music streaming which you actually need to know.

    These Spotify Tips will make you access the Spotify software even better and make your music streaming experience just out of the world. With the help of this amazing software, you can share any kind of music with your friends quite easily. The best thing about Spotify is that whenever you use it, every time you will discover a new feature in it which will actually surprise you. You can show or hide your favorite song playlist and also discover what’s new in out there. So, here we are providing you the top ten simplest Spotify Tips which as a user you really need to know and discover as well. Do check out the list and make your Spotify even more accessible and easy.

    10 Simple Spotify Tips You Really Need to Know

    10 Simple Spotify Tips You Really Need to Know:

    1. Drag and Drop Song Links

    Simple Spotify Tips You Really Need to Know

    Spotify lets you easily share your favorite playlist with your friends as it has made sharing songs quite accessible. If you have to send a link of a song for example to your friend from your Spotify Account, all you have to do is to just drag and drop that particular song from your Spotify account to a new email message and simply send that message with the link attached to your friend. For this, you have to open two windows simultaneously.

    1. Share Music Using Images

    Simple Spotify Tips You Really Need to Know

    This one is another amazing feature of the Spotify software with the help of which you can send or share your favorite playlist, albums, tracks and other music with your friends from your Smartphone by just detecting the QR code image. This feature is mostly used by the Smartphone users who use Spotify Tips in the form of an app. You can simply save that QR image code in your smartphone for further sharing.

    1. Automatically Saves Discover Weekly Playlist

    Simple Spotify Tips You Really Need to Know

    This amazing software automatically prepares your personalized weekly playlist according to your music preferences. This lets you search and access the latest music quite easily. The playlist created is always according to your taste and is updated every Monday and you can easily add the weekly playlist into your own personal playlist which you have created.

    1. Find Clean Versions of Songs or Albums

    Simple Spotify Tips You Really Need to Know

    If you are with your children, then you must make sure that your song list is clean and better. So, this amazing feature of Spotify lets you search cleaner versions of songs and playlist and albums. When you click on the song it shows an option More Releases which lets you find a cleaner version of the same playlist or song. Do check out this amazing feature of Spotify.

    1. Save “Your Songs” to a Shareable Playlist

    10 Simple Spotify Tips You Really Need to Know

    The most used feature of Spotify Tips is that you can quite easily add songs top your personalized playlist by just clicking on the plus button. This lead to the creation of a totally separate playlist called Your Songs. Through this folder, you can easily share your songs and playlist with your friends.

    1. Recover a Deleted Playlist

    Simple Spotify Tips You Really Need to Know

    If you have accidentally deleted your favorite playlist, album or song, then need not to worry, this amazing feature of Spotify lets you recover your deleted playlist quite easily through the account overview page. You just need to click on the recover playlist option displayed on the menu and then click on the restore button and your playlist will be recovered.

    1. Always Listen in Private Mode

    Simple Spotify Tips You Really Need to Know

    Spotify Tips has another quite cool feature which lets you convert your music playlist, albums, and songs into the private mode by enabling the private session mode. Though the software is famous for socializing with friends by sharing music, sometimes if you want to keep your playlist private, then this feature will surely work for you. For this, you just need to toggle off you’re Publish my Activity option.

    1. Organize Your Playlist in Folders

    Simple Spotify Tips You Really Need to Know

    If your playlist on the Spotify software is quite long, then this tip you actually need to know. Through this feature, one can convert his playlist into separate folders. This will actually simplify your work and you can easily search your favorite song or playlist. Folders can be created on the base of genre, mood, and preference. To create a folder, you just need to go on the file option and you are sorted.

    1. View Your Radio Queue and Listening History

    10 Simple Spotify Tips You Really Need to Know

    Listening to the radio on the Spotify software can be really cool as it lets you know on the radio that which song is coming up next which is actually amazing. Spotify Tips also saves your listening history which helps you to search the song which you last heard. For this, you just have to view the upcoming queue of the listening history and click on the Queue button. The queue history shows up to 30 songs last heard which is quite a long list.

    1. Use Voice Commands on Android

    10 Simple Spotify Tips You Really Need to Know

    If you are using the Spotify app or software on an Android device, then another amazing feature is added in it which is the voice command feature. For this one needs to download Google Now as it is not available on all Android devices. Through the voice command feature, you can simply speak the song you want the app to play and it will automatically detect your voice and in turn, play the said song. You can also use other features through voice command like pause, volume up-down, skip, forward, etc.

    So, these are the top 10 simple Spotify Tips you really need to know in order to make your music streaming easily.

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