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    9 Free Database Tools For System Admins

    Developing websites in different types of web languages is an extremely technical task. For this, the web developers need accurate database management system through which their website can be developed properly. In order to develop a website, web developers or the IT expert people need to some free database tools to improve their working of database management system. These tools actually help the web developing technique quite handy and extremely easy as well. There are a lot of database management languages used for web developing like PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA, etc and the web developer has to choose any one out of these languages in order to develop the website.

    The web developer should be the master in that particular language in which the website is being created and these database management tools actually help the web developer to understand these languages and to get proper access to them as well so that they do not face any kind of problem while developing the website. There a lot of database management tools available in the market which are exclusively designed for web developing purpose only. These database tools are quite in number due to which the web developers get quite confused as to which database tools is the best for them and which one should they buy which will suit their requirement. So, in this article we are providing you a list of the top most demanded free database tools which will help you to develop your website. Do check them out.

    9 Free Database Tools For System Admins:-

    1. D Beaver

    free database tools

    D-Beaver is a web development and free database tools which is quite useful for the system admins. It is basically an open source universal database tool which means it can be used for the development of any kind of website worldwide. Apart from that it allows writing of various extensions and supports JDBC driver but can also handle other external data source as well. It has some amazing features and is also a multiplatform database tool. You can download it from


    1. Adminer

    free database tools

    This free database tools can also be downloaded for free and is available in PHP and formerly it was available in phpMinAdmin.  It is quite a high-performance database tool which provides your website great security and also supports MySQL features. So, the main priorities of this tool are more security, better performance, size and user experience. Apart from supporting MySQL features, it also supports PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle, Firebird, SimpleDB, and MongoDB. Go download this amazing database tool from


    1. DB Comparer

    free database tools

    This free database tools is mostly used for developing professional websites. It is basically a comparison database tool to find out the difference between Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2005 database structures. This tool is mainly used when the project is to be developed by not an individual but a team as it has the feature of displaying multiple copies of the same database on the SQL Server at the same time. For more information, you can log on to


    1. EMS SQL Manager

    free database tools

    SQL Manager is also a very high-performance tool used for Microsoft SQL Server as a database and administrator tool. It basically supports all versions of the SQL Server whether it is the 2000 version or the latest one. It has all the features like Column store, File Tables, sequences, spatial indexes, custom server roles and many others. This database tool is available online and is totally free of cost. To download the tool and to get more information about it, you can log on to


    1. Squirrel SQL

    free database tools

    Squirrel SQL is a unique kind of database tool for the system admins which is available online totally free of cost. It is a JAVA based database management tool which can be used by the system admin or the web developer for graphical representation. With the help of this tool, one can actually search any kind of data in tables and also issue SQL commands. Apart from that, you can also view the structure of JDBC compliant database through this amazing database tool.


    1. Firebird

    free database tools

    Firebird is another open source SQL database tool available for free for the system admins to help them in their web developing work. This database tool is available for both Windows and Linux. The latest version of the Firebird database tool is the Jaybird tool which is extremely safe and all kinds of bugs are also treated in this version.


    1. SQLite Database Browser

    free database tools

    This is an extremely high-quality free database tools available for the web developer which is also an open source and visual tool. This database tool is compatible with SQLite and with the help of this tool one can create, design and even edit your all kinds of database related files and documents. The tool is quite handy and easy to access because all the editing and other stuff are done on simple spreadsheets. You can also import and export your files and other data from one place to the other.


    1. Execute Query

    free database tools

    This free database tool is available in JAVA and is an independent database utility tool. Due to JDBC, this tool is quite simple to access and easy to handle. It works on Windows, Linux, Salaries and even Mac using JAVA Runtime Environment. With the help of this tool, one can create tables and also import and export data and files from one place to the other quite easily. The latest version of the Execute Query also provides you with the amazing feature of editing data straight from the data browser.


    1. DB Visualizer

    free database tools

    This is another free universal database tool available for the system admins, DBAs, and other analysts. This tool due to its universal feature can be used on almost all kinds of operating systems currently prevailing in the market. The tool is mostly used for making some changes in the database, preparing reports and creating and editing tables as well.

    So, these are 9 free database tools available for system admins to make their work of web developing easier.

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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