Fix Windows Explorer in windows 7Windows 7 is the most latest and innovative operating system with tons of new features and functions to make any task easy, secure and accessible. Windows explorer is inevitable function in any OS as this is used for opening, sharing or viewing different files and folders.
Sometimes you are very busy with your work on PC or laptop and suddenly got message “Windows Explorer has stopped working” or checking for a solution to the problem. This error is very common in Windows 7 as it is faced by almost each and every single user of Windows 7. But if there is a problem there is solution too hence in this article we discuss some of the solutions and fixes for windows explorer to work normal again in any circumstances.

Check system for viruses
Virus is very common reason for stopping any application to work smoothly. So check whole system for viruses and install updated and latest version of antivirus in your system. It will protect your PC from viruses and helps applications to run smoothly.
Corrupted files
There are some corrupted files basically multimedia files which cause an error and sometimes reason for stop working any application. So try to search that corrupted file and delete it and if you are not able to search this file from windows explorer then you can use command line for locating corrupted files.
Disable third party applications
This is also very common cause for stopping any application to work. You can search or locate these services or tools under system configuration and services tab. Just find bad service or service that stopped working, disable it and click on apply button.
Latest Updates
Always check for latest updated of operating system or applications on internet and load that updates on your system which will really helps you to remain secure and safe.
Use services like Scandisk
Scandisk will helps you to find any bad sectors or bad files which crashes your windows explorer regularly and fix that sector or remove that sector so that you didn’t face same problem again and again.
Registry Edit
This is the most used and effective method in case of crashing windows explorer. As bad registry is very common cause of crashing windows explorer. For cleaning up registry there are various steps which are listed as under:

1. Click on Start Button.
2. Type Regedit in search bar and press enter
3. Situate the following registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ SQMClient\Windows\DisabledSessions.”
4. Search subkey “MachineThrottling” and delete it
5. Close application and reboot your computer.

So, all these steps can be used in case of repairing windows explorer and runs it smoothly. All your PC’s performance got better and it should be working as it had worked previously when it was new.