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    8 Free Best Media Players for Windows

    best media players for windows

    Windows is one of the most useful operating system which is used in almost every computation task in every day’s life.

    It contains numerous software applications that are used for various purposes such as editing documents, playing media files, running games etc. all these activities can be done within just one computer system.

    There was a time when you need a separate media playing device to play video and audio files. But after the entrance of virtual media players, you can easily run every kind of video as well as audio file in your computer system.

    Now you can download best media players for windows operating system, and that too free of cost. These powerful software applications are capable enough to run every kind of latest and old video/audio format smoothly.

    Everyone loves to watch videos and for this they require some media player. So media Players are very necessary tool for everyone. But choosing best media players for windows operating system is a little tough task. But because of this reasons I am explaining some of the coolest media players which can be found easily and will always gives you a smooth performance

    1. VLC Media Player

    best media players for windows VLC is one of the best media players for windows and is liked by everyone. This magical tool is lightweight, portable and is capable of playing almost any video format. VLC can even be used as a streaming media server, can play DVD’s, can be used as an audio decoder, and doesn’t require external, extra codec’s to run. VLC can also escort customizable skins, as well as nearly every operating system that exists (Mac,Windowsand Linux). According to meit is the best media player till now. So you must try it once.

    2. Media Jukebox:

    best media players for windowsIt is an all- in- one media player, music collection organizer, iPod connector and music store with extreme tagging techniques. This music player can pretty much do it all. While not as small as VLC, it definitely does have a bunch of features. It can even be used to synchronize your phone, while finding tags for your newest imported songs, and simultaneously downloading the newest plug-in to customize your user experience. You can further maximize Media Jukebox’s abilities by adding playlists to download automatically and creating or using a custom skin. Media Jukebox deserves to be on this list for sure.

    3. Songbird:

    best media players for windows

    Song bird is one of the most customizable media players ever created. Besides being created by Mozilla, and being open source, it allows users to create add-ons/plug-ins for added user experience. Built-in options include; playback history plug-in, support for the iPod, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, metadata management, etc. Songbird truly shows what media players need to become with regard to customization.

    4. Winamp:

    best media players for windowsWinamp is also one of the most famous windows media players. It is one of the most widely used best media players for windows in the world. It has developed into one of the most features oriented media players ever created. Features include:lots of customizable skins, built-in internet radio, support for a wide variety of audio and video formats, flash support, customizable plug-ins, support for multiple languages, ability to sync with your iPod, etc. There is a free version, of course, but you can upgrade to the PRO version for even more features.

    5. KM Player:

    best media players for windows

               It is not as widely used but it is one of the best, free, media players. While supporting numerous different formats, languages, skins, etc, it is relatively lightweight and can be used for numerous different media related material. The application itself is extremely customizable by its own settings but can be further customized to fit your own needs as well. Some of its cool and unique features:

    Compressed album support, multiple file formats, numerous decoders, support for subtitles, plug-ins, etc.

    6. DivX Plus Software:

    best media players for windows

    It is also not so famous but it is among one of the best media player. You will rarely found such type of media player. It is served with the services and bundles of all real players. It supports Video on Demand Service. It is a multipurpose and best media players for windows that means you can do many things with this media player. Though it is not popular but you must use it one for enjoying its cool and extraordinary features which are:-

    Download videos at a very high rate, Transfer videos at a very quick speed, Burns DVDs for TV, Supports TV and Movies.

    7. MPC- HC:

    best media players for windows

     It enables you to: Play all your local media types with a uniform interface, Avoid frequent switching from one media player to another, Use less memory while it is loading quickly, Has full-screen playback with onscreen controls., Play and manage different types of media player within the playlist. It save desktop space in share mode, Auto- plays high quality of CD and VCD. This player is very light weight as well as highly customisable.

    8. Adobe Media Player:

    best media players for windows

    It is a third party desktop video player which is totally based on AIR runtime.  This plays a clear image of video which you want to view. If you are adobe media player user then you can enjoy the best media players for windows features for free. It is highly compatible with all the raw files which are developed with adobe creative suit.

    These all media players are available free of cost and you can download them freely from internet. According to me you must not remain stick to one media player because every media player has different feature than other so you must try all.

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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