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    5 Best Free Online Alarm Clocks Services

    Alarm clocks are very useful devices since a long time because they help you to stay punctual for every work. In the past, people purchase heavy alarm clocks of metal, and then digital clocks occupied their space. Now this is the era of internet connectivity so you don’t need to carry any kind of clock. There are many websites on internet that provides alarm clock services so that you don’t forget the important schedule of whole day. Just fix a specific timer and forget to remember again and again. The online alarm clock services are very effective and do not let you forget any single task.nline alarm clock services

    A number of people are making use of the online alarm clocks these days. Online alarm clocks are readily available on the internet; here is a list of a few of these:

    Online Clock

    nline alarm clock services

    This is quite user-friendly and easy to use. You can set the time at which you want the alarm to ring. The alarm will go on ringing at the time set by you until you stop it manually. This is the simplest alarm clock available online. You can neither download any new alarm tone for it nor do you have a collection of in-built alarm tones. It has just one alarm tone which is loud enough to wake you up. This online clock is pretty much popular because of its plain and simple functionality.

    Kuku Klok

    nline alarm clock services
    There is a list of different sounds in this online clock. It includes sounds of a Classic Clock, military trumpet, Cockerel, slayer guitar, Electronic Clock, etc. You can set the one you like as your alarm tone.

    Online stopwatch

    nline alarm clock services

    You can easily set the time in this online alarm clock. You can choose from the four available sounds: Alien Alarm, Bugle Reveille, Alarm Clock Bell and Digital Alarm. The online alarm clock services of this website contains a large number of options such as online clock, bomb countdown, chess timer, cash clock and egg timer etc. it is very easy to use, and capable of showing both roman as well as English numeric characters.

    Meta Clock

    nline alarm clock services
    On setting the alarm, this online alarm clock gives a pop-up with countdown. At the time of setting the alarm, you have the option of selecting the alarm tone as well. You can select from a number of audio sounds such as Morning Twitter, I Feel Good, Good Morning, etc. It does not just plays the alarm tone at the time set by you but also displays news, horoscope and other latest updates at your pre-defined time. The online alarm clock services enables you to plan the display of a note. Opening a maximum of 2 URLs automatically at a given point in time is also possible in Meta Clock.

    Music Alarm Clock

    nline alarm clock services
    This alarm clock lets you choose sounds from Melody, which has a collection of 15 songs or from radio station. There are 30 radio stations in total. This means you have numerous songs to choose from. It allows you to play your favorite music track as your alarm tone.

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    1. Awesome article! All of these alarms clocks are great. I have actually created on online alarm clock over at

      It isn’t fully loaded with features yet, but there is one thing it will do: wake you up! By that I mean it’s LOUD! It makes it great as a backup alarm, that way if your soothing music alarm doesn’t wake you up, you know this one will!

      Anyways, thanks again for an awesome article!

    2. Thanks a lot for reviewing, we appreciate it!

      You pretty much hit the nail on the head when you wrote about our online alarm clock service as being SIMPLE…because that’s what we like the best.

      Not only that – we’re convinced that this is what people really look for in a classic web application (look at and, for example).

      You also forgot to mention that Online Clock was the first online alarm clock website! We went live back in March of 2006 and can prove this (also look at our domain’s original registration date).

      This means that all the other sites that you’ve listed here…have pretty much copied our original idea!

      We hope you’ll also notice that we actually have dozens of different countdowns, online stopwatches, online timers and other clock tools online…just click on the small clock icon on the upper left of our start page to find them all.

      Thanks again for writing about us!




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