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    4 Apps On The Nintendo Switch That You Should Be Using This 2020


    The much-awaited release of the Nintendo Switch marked the start of the convertible console.

    With the Switch, anyone can now transform their handheld device into a docked console easily. This feature drove Nintendo fans, and tech fans alike, on a crazy spiral.

    Everyone loved the idea of Nintendo Switch and immediately had to get their hands on one.

    This convertible console has more features to boast together with the games on the Switch platform. The Switch also has apps that boost the experience of console lovers into new heights. Expect these apps to be a fun alternative to Nintendo Switch games.

    If you ever find yourself in a mood other than playing games, check these apps out on your Nintendo Switch.

    Without a doubt, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are some of the most sought-after consoles this 2020.

    The games and built-in apps on this console are some of the reasons why a Nintendo Switch is a must-have. 

    Coloring Book

    Who does not love coloring? Even if some of you are already adults, you cannot deny that coloring something feels therapeutic and fun. In the Coloring Book, it allows anyone to color images and pictures in pages. The Coloring Book app should serve as an excellent way to reduce stress and anxiety through the use of your Nintendo Switch.

    We know that you can always go get yourself a physical coloring book and color away. However, how can you enjoy technology that way? The Coloring Book app is way easier and accessible. It does not require any physical tools, and you can find it on your Nintendo Switch!

    Control the technique in which you color the pictures in the Coloring Book app. You will be able to adjust the shade of the colors, and there are 89 colors available. Without a doubt, Coloring Book is one of the best ways to enjoy any downtime through your Nintendo Switch.


    Yes, you will be able to find a built-in search engine on your Nintendo Switch. The Google app on the Switch should come handy whenever you find yourself in dire need of a quick search. Need a quick search suggestion on which Nintendo Switch games to buy next? You can use the Google app on your Switch for that!

    Google should also come handy in times wherein you need a quick walkthrough on a game. As experienced gamers, we all struggle to finish a part of a game that we could not quite complete. You can open Google and even search for suggestions on gaming websites, forums, and more.

    You will have to tweak a couple of knobs on the “System Settings” part of the Switch console to gain access to Google. You can search up the Internet how this process should go. Do not worry, it is fairly easy to tweak these settings and gain access to Google Chrome, and you should finish it in no time. 


    The more popular phrase regarding streaming websites is “Netflix and Chill.” However, the Nintendo Switch brand is yet to come to a partnership with the streaming giant. However, Hulu is a great alternative that should allow you to stream content on your Nintendo Switch.

    In case you do not know by now, Hulu has an excellent selection of content that you may be familiar with. Hulu also has various original productions such as “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Shrill,” “Runaways,” and even more. This built-in streaming app on the Switch also has a feature that allows users to watch live TV.

    The Hulu app on the Nintendo Switch should work similarly to the Hulu app on smartphones. Remember that you have to secure a subscription to access the content first. Rates start at $8 and should give you access to the content in Hulu, among other streaming features that have different costs as well.


    Youtube, a wide-scale video-sharing platform, should be familiar to you by now. Yes, Nintendo Switch users will be able to find and use the built-in Youtube app on their consoles. Users will have access to the boat-load of content made by fellow Youtubers all in their Nintendo Switch.

    The Youtube app on the Switch does not have many differences with the one on the smartphones. Users should be able to manipulate the app easily on the Nintendo Switch. Expect the user-interface to feature that the easy-to-use interface Youtube has been using for years.


    It may be true that the Nintendo Switch allows users to take their games anywhere and turn it into a docked console. However, the convenience that the Switch brings does not end there. These built-in apps are evidence of how easy and convenient it should be like while using the Nintendo Switch. Users will surely be able to get a maxed out value and overall experience out of the apps and games on the Nintendo Switch.

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