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    Why Every Business Needs a Good Knowledge Base

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    A good knowledge base can do a lot for business. But a vast knowledge base can take your business to another level.

    If you have not had an opportunity to create one yourself, now would be a good time to do so.

    Those who have doubts on whether knowledge bases are worth their resources in the first place, should continue reading this article.

    The benefits below should be more than enough to convince you.

    Benefit #1 – Choose Between Open Source and Saas

    Having both open source and SaaS types of software is a big advantage. Each business has different needs and it is always nice to have different alternatives.

    Both SaaS and open source knowledge bases have their pros and cons.

    You can find out about open source knowledge base benefits by visiting HeroThemes website. Keep in mind that it is cheaper. Also, the source code is open to everyone, like the name suggests, which means that you can make changes to it and modify the knowledge base to your liking.

    SaaS also has advantages. It is easier to learn, and since this software is getting developed by dedicated experts, it gives businesses a competitive edge over the competition.

    Ultimately, you get to decide between SaaS and open source. Weigh up everything that the two have to offer and pick one for your business.

    Benefit #2 – Keep Customers Happy

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    A happy customer is one that will come back and spend his or her money again.

    A knowledge base helps customers to find information themselves.

    Not everyone has the time to send an email or message on live chat, not to mention those who do not like to make a phone call.

    If the response is not immediate, it is only natural that a person is not going to wait and will look elsewhere.

    On the other hand, if the answers to the most common questions are there for everyone to see, it can improve customer satisfaction.

    Benefit #3 – Improve SEO

    Trying to get as much organic traffic as possible is one of the priorities for a lot of brands.

    Site visitors that come from search engines are worth a lot because they find the website by entering keywords and phrases that are related to your business.

    Optimizing for search engines is a lot of work, but every little bit helps.

    A knowledge base consists of different types of content. Videos, infographics, and articles can boost your SEO rankings so long as the quality of content is there.

    Benefit #4 – Deliver Consistent Customer Support

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    Information that is available on the website can be accessed 24/7.

    Brands that have an international audience might not have the luxury to afford customer support employees for every channel and have them available at all times. 

    If the customers can find the information themselves regardless of their time zone and without trying to get in touch with customer support, that gives any business a big advantage.

    Benefit #5 – Be Proactive in Managing Problems

    A knowledge base can work as a training mechanism for becoming more proactive in managing various problems.

    You can start creating content about issues that customers could potentially face in the future and prepare for them beforehand.

    Whether it is step-by-step guides or educational videos, your efforts will not go to waste as customers will have the opportunity to learn new aspects about the products or services you offer. 

    Benefit #6 – Become Authority in the Niche

    One of the biggest challenges for any brand is to become an authority in their respective field.

    It is a long process that takes years, and if the competition is fierce, a lot of businesses fail to achieve that status.

    It is imperative to make use of as many advantages that you can if you want to achieve the goal of becoming a recognizable brand in your niche.

    It just so happens that a well-developed knowledge base could help a lot with that.

    It all starts with building trust with your customers. When there is an option to find everything on their own, they begin to appreciate the business more.

    If you are consistently providing quality content that is not just educational but interesting, that gives people another reason to visit your business’ website.

    Finally, when the website starts to get more visitors, you can expect a positive word of mouth that will help with raising brand awareness, which will ultimately lead to you becoming an authority.

    Benefit #7 – Have Useful Information in One Place

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    Customers are not the only group that can access all the necessary information in the same place.

    Your employees benefit from an internal knowledge base as well.

    Such information ensures that everyone is on the same page and follows the same structure.

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