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    Why Cybersecurity Matters

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    Most of what we do is now done on the internet; whether it’s shopping, banking, finding tradesmen, or planning your next holiday, it’s all being done online. In an age where we are prepared to put it all out there, you need to be sure of your internet security. The cloud offers the ability to save and access all your personal and company data in one place at any time that you would like to, this eases some businesses processes, but it also increases the risks. The only way these risks can be mitigated is to plan ahead and ensure that you have the right internet and cybersecurity.

    The size of the problem

    Not only is it your own information and data that is at stake, but that of your customers and thus your reputation and credibility. From phishing and ransomware to social media hacking and spyware, its become big business for cybercriminals, and if you are not careful, your business could be the next target. The overall risk to global businesses is calculated at $5.2 trillion over the next five years, and this figure includes small businesses, which are for some seen as easy targets.

    Why it affects us all

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    Cybercrime does not discriminate; anyone with a mobile phone in their pocket or any business that allows online payment is at risk. The speed, anonymity, and randomness of cyber attacks in on the increase. Just as legitimate businesses use the development in tech to improve and strengthen defenses, so too do criminals. Criminal elements can also use artificial intelligence and the vast networks of data in the cloud to infiltrate and abuse data for money laundering and fraud. Its been proven that two-thirds of all the small businesses subject to a cyber-attack or loss of data have gone out of business in the next six months.

    What can businesses do?

    Thus, most national governments have legislated against various types of cybercrime and ensure that there are laws that will protect data online. However, it is still up to the individual business to ensure company data is safe and protected. For many using a professional cloud security consultant such as has been the solution. Access management for remote workers and the security of customer data, threat avoidance, and compliance with best security practices can be achieved in this way. Or the business will need to hire the specific skills required to buff up security before you take anything into the cloud.

    Why cybersecurity matters

    It only takes one loss of data or fraudulent attack to ruin a business reputation. With current legislation as stringent as it is, there will also likely be fines related to data and information safety compliance. Cybersecurity and data management have become a key business function and a moniker of success for startups and small businesses.

    It is clear to all that if a business doesn’t have the appropriate security in place and states this from the outset, then even simply interacting with them may be a bridge too far for most consumers. 

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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