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    Why Is It OK to Convert A Doc File To PDF? Here Are The Reasons Why

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    As we need more and more content across several platforms, file conversion is necessary.

    There are file formats that work well with desktop computers and laptops. But, we have to remember that more gadgets are designed to consume content. These are your mobile phones and tablets. Hence, using PDF conversion tools is necessary for web design, social media content, and video bloggers, and to name a few as well. Conversion enriches our productivity because they are tools for archiving and protecting our malware or viruses documents. Thus, having another copy or version of your existing document allows you control and creativity with security in mind.

    PDFBear: Converting Doc files to PDF

    PDFBear is a reliable, robust tool that supports multiple formats and conversion processes. Its pro version allows you unlimited uploads, file space, and also file size. It even offers customer and technical support, so this will make your work more secure. The conversion process, such Doc to PDF, is easy because PDFBear is a lightweight online tool. It is also fast and can work with multiple uploads and downloads. 

    The Need For Converting Doc Files Into PDF Files

    There are several reasons why this need to convert doc files to pdf is happening.

    1. You cannot apply changes to a PDF document. If you open a Microsoft Word format, chances are, the alteration can happen. Sometimes this is accidental but will prove to have a severe consequence, especially with critical documents. You cannot alter a PDF file. This is why such a format is needed if you want to protect your text documents.
    2. You cannot alter the formatting of a PDF file. This is a common issue with doc files. When you export an Apple doc file (Pages) into a Microsoft word file, chances are, the formatting will be skewed. There are times when lines, breaks, and even object placement will be altered, making the document appear weird. Thus, this is not so with PDF files. You can even open a PDF document on a mobile device, and it will still keep its formatting. 
    3. PDF Files can be opened by all mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The formatting will look the same as the desktop version. That is why there are e-books that are converted into PDF files for reading on all devices. 
    4. PDF files are secured. Unlike Doc files, where you can copy the content, PDF documents can be protected. You can make them into ‘read-only’ documents, and this makes your files secure. 
    5. PDF is the standard format and does not have several versions. You can read a PDF file in Linux, Mac, and Windows, and it will look the same. There’s no unique formula to open it. It just needs a PDF reader, and you are good to go.

    Steps in Converting your doc files into PDF with PDFBear

    1. It would help if you have a working computer with a browser to access the PDFBear website.
    2. Once you are on the main page, you will see several tools. 
    3. Choose the “Word to PDF” tool. This will open the tool page for you to upload the Doc file.
    4. The button will give you two options: select from a device and choose from a DropBox.
    5. You can then upload the Microsoft document you want to convert into PDF.
    6. The PDFBear converter will scan your document, and this will take seconds. The new format will now be ready for download. 

    Word Doc to Several Platforms and Formats

    Using the pro version of PDFBear, you can have unlimited upload and download to whatever format you want to choose. Your uploaded Doc file will remain in the cloud for an hour through the free version. The pro version will let you have unlimited storage space plus customer and technical assistance. Storing your documents in the cloud is the most secure way to protect them. Computers can break down, and hard drives can have space limits. Having the capacity to have unlimited storage space is such bliss. Thus, this is crucial for power users who are dealing with countless files daily. If security and ease are essential to you, then PDFBear if your file converter. 

    PDFBear Pro: Ease of Work and Productivity

    Knowing all the advantages of getting PDFBear pro, you can now have unlimited access to the best tools online. Because PDFBear is an online tool, you save desk space by not installing the converter on your computer. This is great for people who feel that they are continually running out of storage space. Having PDFBear pro gives you unlimited storage, reliability, and peace of mind. Note that your files and documents are secured on the PDFBear cloud for future use. They remain on the PDFBear site until you choose to delete them. This method makes you more productive and effective. 

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