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    Who to Call If You Need a Furniture Removal?

    So, straight on, who do you call when you need furniture removal services? It’s simple, here are some of the choices you have at your disposal:

    A Furniture Removal Company

    Now, when you have loads of furniture to dispose of, the best approach would be to seek the services of a furniture removal company. They have the tools, resources, and expertise to handle all types of furniture and junk items.

    The problem with DIY furniture removal is the bulky nature of wood. You wouldn’t want to break back in the name of getting rid of old pieces of furniture. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to endanger the lives of those you love by putting them through furniture removal projects. This is tedious and any slight mistake during ferrying can end pretty badly for you.

    Aside from having all of the tools and experience, a removal company will have an insurance plan that covers any possible damage to property, and even injuries due to the project. You basically don’t have the same kind of provision. And that’s why it wouldn’t be advisable to try out furniture removal on your own.

    There are plenty of removal firms in the market today. Some of the best ones include LoadUp, Jiffy Junk, and 1-800-GOT-JUNK. They have had a long experience in the scene and are always ready to head to your call. Jiffy Junk, for instance, has a number of staff and locations spread out and ready to serve you as a client. Regardless of where you are, you won’t miss assistance from them. They also have eco-friendly options for furniture removal, so you don’t have to worry even one bit about the environment.

    Charity Groups

    This is the next group that you can call when you need help with the furniture removal. They are always willing to come over and pick up the pieces of furniture that you have for donation purposes.

    While you can donate anything, there’s a thin line between what’s donate-able and what’s not. Just try and use your thoughts and evaluate how you’d feel if you were on the receiving end. Would you be happy with the item you’re donating? If yes, then go right ahead and give it away. Basically, if you’re unsure about what you can donate or not, consider asking the charity group for assistance. They’d be more than willing to lend a hand in making that decision.

    The best part about calling a charity group to come to pick up your furniture is that you save a lot. And we mean a lot when we say this. For one, you don’t spend a dime on transporting the pieces of furniture, since the organization comes and picks them up. Additionally, it adds up money to you through tax reliefs. Yes, you read that right.

    See, when you donate high-ticket items, you get tax relief from the government. All you need to present is the receipt showing that you delivered or rather donated furniture or any other appliance. Wouldn’t it be great if you got that relief even if it’s just once? Besides, helping people is probably something you’d be proud of and happy to do. Knowing that what you no longer needed is helping someone else is so rewarding.

    Some of the organizations that you can call include the Habitat and Salvation Army, which offer pick-ups for furniture removal.

    The Landfill

    Although one of the last options that you can consider, a landfill can be of great help during furniture removal. In fact, if anything, many removal companies take their junk to landfills. They take those that they can’t recycle. But the downside about calling a landfill for furniture removal is the fact that they don’t accept certain types of junk. It is for this reason that we advise you to contact them prior to taking your pieces of furniture there. Ask them carefully and learn what they accept and don’t accept. Again, this should only come up as an option if the others have failed.

    Your Local Scrap Yard

    This is another option that you can consider when you’re dealing with the furniture removal. They accept most things metal and would love to take in your junk when you call. However, not all of them will accept wood products. Thus, ask before visiting.

    Furniture Retailers

    Last, but definitely not least, contact furniture retailers and see if they’d be willing to help you with the furniture removal. Mostly, this kind of arrangement works when you’ve bought a set of furniture from them that replaces the old ones you have.

    Final Thoughts

    Wrapping up, these are some of the diversified groups that you can call whenever you have a furniture removal project that you need to complete ASAP.

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
    Robert has an interest in many things, especially connecting with people and learning about their uniqueness. He believes that when you focus on the future you can't be distracted by the past. He sees life as an opportunity to serve and achieve great things, where success comes by committing to help others. Robert says. "That is our focus at GEEKERS Magazine."

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