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    Where to spend your Bitcoins.

    Bitcoins are becoming more popular day-by-day. There is no doubt that you will want to know where to spend your bitcoins. Well, you are definitely reading the right article if you are not sure where you can spend them. In this article, we have compiled a list of few things that you can do with your extra Bitcoins and you can understand what a bitcoin is here.

    Go to College!

    Have we lost our mind? Of course not. The University of Nicosia has recently announced that they will be accepting Bitcoins for tuition fees. The University of Nicosia located in Cyprus offers education degrees from Bachelors to Doctorates. You can learn about the living expenses by simply visiting their official website. They’ll even provide you with tips for feeling at home and will help you apply for an educational visa.

    Buy your favorite Pizza!

    Feeling hungry? Well, buy a pizza then! Bitcoins can now even buy you a pizza when you are hungry. There are some sites on the internet like Pizzaforcoins.com that allow you to buy delicious cheese pizzas in exchange for Bitcoins. You can buy Pizzas from PizzaHut or Papa John’s. Unfortunately, the service is currently available only for United States but it may soon come to other countries as well.

    Buy Gift Cards for your Dear Ones

    After college and pizzas, you can use your Bitcoins to buy Gift cards too! There are sites like – eGifter, Gyft and GiftCardZen that accepts Bitcoins as a payment method. The purchased Gift Cards can be redeemed at popular stores like – Amazon, Walmart and Target. Once, redeemed your Gift Card will be as good as cash and you can buy whatever you’d like to.

    Shop on CoinGig

    CoinGig is an online marketplace like eBay and OLX that allows you to sell whatever you want. CoinGig accepts Bitcoins as a payment method and therefore you can buy anything you wish to get your hands on! CoinGig is truly a unique site and you should probably try it if you have a good amount of Bitcoins.

    Buy Jewelry

    No doubt, every women loves jewelry and you buy it for you loved ones or for yourself using Bitcoins. Some sites allows you to buy Necklaces, Earrings and other types of jewelry using Bitcoins as the preferred method of payment. All prices will be listed in US Dollars, however you can pay it through Bitcoins while checking out of the store.

    Play Games Online

    Have plenty of Bitcoins. Right? Why, don’t you play poker online? Yes, it’s real and you will earn more Bitcoins if you win the game. Some sites like RickRoss.com lets you play the game of Poker or Blackjack online without the need of spending your real cash.

    Take a Vacation

    Websites like CheapAir.com have finally announced that they will be accepting Bitcoins as a payment method for booking Flight tickets. Not only flights but you can even book a hotel using CheapAir’s website. CheapAir has all these plans for the near future and they’ll even be integrating the option to pay through Bitcoins in their iOS app very soon.

    These are just some of the things you can do with your extra Bitcoins. No doubt that the number of things you can do with your Bitcoins will be increasing rapidly in the near future. You can get more information from bitcoins.com or bitcoins.org .

    We just wanted to know – “Have you ever brought anything with your extra Bitcoins?” If so tell us about it in the comment section!

    Robert Malcolm
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