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    Where and How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash as a Newbie

    Are you planning to make a Bitcoin Investment today?

    Are you wondering how to buy Bitcoins with cash? This is very simple nowadays because the cryptocurrency sector is growing rapidly. It is easy to use an exchange, P2P platform, Bitcoin ATMs, or any other option that may work for you.

    Buying BTC with cash is a great option if you have not invested in other crypto coins to do coin swap. Because it might be impossible to use liquid cash when trading online, most platforms accept bank cards such as debit or credit cards.

    That said, let’s see where and how to buy Bitcoins with cash in detail to help any newbie to make wise decisions:

    How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash Using Exchange Platforms

    Exchange platforms are the most popular trading platforms today. Both decentralized and centralized exchanges are convenient because you can use your mobile phone or desktop through an app. If you are new and wondering how to buy cryptocurrency with cash on exchange platforms, here are the most popular platforms you can try.


    Have you heard about how to use cash to buy Bitcoin on NakitCoins? It is easy. The platform has both online and physical exchanges to give users options. To buy BTC in person, just visit one of their physical exchange outlets in Turkey and an agent will help you. For this, you can pay with cash.

    But if you are wondering how to buy Bitcoins with cash on NakitCoins through their online exchange, you need to use a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. The platform is both a DEX and CEX, so, you do not need an account to buy Bitcoin.

    However, users who register with NakitCoins enjoy better and faster services. Above all, having an account simplifies your digital asset management with NakitCoins.


    Anyone who is looking for where to buy Bitcoin in the USA with cash can try this platform. It is a secure and affordable platform with a good reputation in the USA and across borders. When buying Bitcoin with cash on Coinbase, you can use your bank card or any other accepted cash method.

    Do you want to know how to buy Bitcoins with cash on Coinbase? You need to sign up on Coinbase to create an account. After that, navigate to the ‘buy or sell’ button to start the process.

    Choose to buy Bitcoin and select your payment option. Because you are paying with cash, you need to be cautious when processing with your bank card.


    According to the website, eToro handles dozens of digital assets. It is easy to use for anyone who wants for how to get Bitcoin with cash. But before you can enjoy these services on the broker’s platform, you need an account.

    All you need to sign up is to fill out a form and then submit it. eToro will give you an account instantly that you can start using it immediately. If you don’t know how to buy Bitcoins with cash on eToro, their clear guidelines on the website. Even as a newbie, using eToro is easy.


    When buying Bitcoin with money as a newbie, you deserve to use an account that is friendly and easy to use. Binance is designed for anyone who wants convenient services at affordable rates. Apart from Bitcoin, there are many other digital assets you can buy from this platform.

    To use Binance to buy Bitcoin with money, you need an account. So, sign up to get an account and Binance wallet. Just follow the steps to buy the crypto.

    The good thing with Binance is that it is secure, fast, and affordable to use. You still need to practice all the precautions needed to succeed in buying Bitcoin with cash or do any other trade.

    Cash App

    This exchange broker is best for beginners. The fee to buy Bitcoin with cash varies from one place to another, but it is very flexible. If you are a rookie in crypto, you need to know how to buy Bitcoins with a cash app on your phone. All you need to do is download the app on your mobile phone and complete the sign-up process.

    Navigate to the buy Bitcoin tab and buy with simple steps. You can pay with your Visa, Mastercard, or any other acceptable payment method.

    The biggest benefit of using CashApp is that you can use it on your phone, which is very convenient. It is the best way a newbie can enjoy crypto exchange services.

    How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash Using Peer-to-Peer Platforms

    Apart from exchanges that are controlled by various companies, you can still buy Bitcoin using P2P platforms that connect buyers and sellers. Whether you want to know how to buy Bitcoin cash in the USA or any other part of the world through a P2P exchange, you are in the right place.

    These platforms connect buyers and sellers, so you get to choose who you will conduct trading with. If you are the type who buys Bitcoins for cash regularly, you can establish a good seller on a P2P platform. Here are some of the best platforms to try.

    ·        Paxful – This is a P2P marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of Bitcoins, altcoins, and stablecoins. Even though you get to communicate directly with these sellers, Paxful has automated services and you can complete the buying process on the platform. You can also buy from a seller in person. One important thing is you get to choose the payment method to use. Always choose a seller who will accept cash or a bank card. So, if you did not know how to buy Bitcoins with cash on Paxful, now you do.

    ·        LocalBitcoins – Just like Paxful, LocalBitcoin also connects buyers and sellers to trade. Hence, you can connect with the seller and buy your digital assets with cash in person. So, how do you buy Bitcoins with cash? It is recommended that you create a LocalBitcoins account to get instant services. As a newbie, you can trust the platform because it is secure and affordable.

    Buying Bitcoin from a BTC ATM

    It is easy to buy Bitcoin with money from a Bitcoin ATM. If you have been looking for the best simple and straightforward way to buy digital assets in person, now you have it. They operate like exchanges and they charge a fee for the services.

    Just like other options we have discussed, knowing how to buy Bitcoins with cash from an ATM is easy. They have the steps listed inside the booth.

    To use a BTC ATM to buy Bitcoin for cash, using a bank card is the easiest way. But there are advanced machines that can accept cash in your local currencies. Experts recommend using your bank card, which is more convenient, especially if you do not want to carry cash around.

    Check for a BTC ATM near you on the web and visit it today to trade more than Bitcoin. The good thing with these machines is that they send the coins right into your wallet instantly.


    Lastly, do you have friends and relatives who own BTC? They can sell you any amount of crypto you want and accept cash as payment. Although it is not a popular way of trading, it is a convenient option when you know the seller. As a newbie, you can use any of the options we have discussed with ease, especially if you follow the procedures carefully.

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