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    What Is the Importance Of Overvoltage Protection?

    Is your Wi-Fi or Internet connection not functioning properly?

    Perhaps your TV is not working right after a strong wind storm. All of this can be greatly distressing, especially if you just want to relax and spend some time with the family. There are insurance companies that you can find that will help you pay for the repair related to these issues. In fact, overvoltage damage is very common, and you can get insurance that will cover your place of residence and all of your personal belongings.

    It’s really this easy: if the power overloads, this can be prevented using an adapter that can provide you with voltage protection. There will be multiple needs that will extend from this protective device that will reduce the probability of appliances and other items being damaged. Overall, it will protect all of the products in your home from electrical damage!

    Surge protection at its best

    So what exactly does overvoltage do?

    When this occurs, it will bypass the highest threshold possible with your system when it comes to electricity. If you have a 230V power supply main, this typically does not occur, but it may reach your telephone and other devices. It will affect many of your systems causing them to malfunction. This could include network adapters, circuit boards, and any electronic equipment that you have where voltage could cause damage. 

    You need to have protection, and by installing one of these systems, you can connect every appliance and device that you have. By protecting sensitive equipment, such as your computer, you can bypass problems caused by welding equipment, and other items, that could lead to a spike in the electricity. If this occurs, major appliances can be damaged if unprotected. 

    These power surges can also occur as a result of lightning strikes that can affect your video equipment, computer systems, and even destroy devices connected through an aerial cable, which are not protected at all.

    Why is this protection so important?

    Image Source accredited to AB Electrical & Communications Ltd

    Spikes in the electromagnetic voltage that comes to your home can go through your power sockets and into your devices. If everything is protected, there will be resistance against the spike in voltage, as well as gas discharge valves and other items that could be damaged within seconds because of the destructive voltage which cannot affect any protective device. 

    These units are designed for maximum performance, and you can use them with multiple products. There are also different production levels depending upon the types of items you are protecting. Over 100,000 amperes can be deflected using brennenstuhl®, which will offer anyone the best possible protection from surge currents that may occur.

    In addition to this, lightning strikes can affect electrical appliances very easily such as computers, routers, televisions, food processors, and even your coffee machine. The time of the year that this tends to occur most commonly is during the summer, especially when there is significant lightning and thunder, opposed to the winter months when this typically does not occur.

    You may have, in your household, a multitude of electrical devices that you know will be very expensive to replace. Additionally, due to the smaller size of these devices, and the amount of power that they need to operate, they may be much more sensitive to overvoltage when they occur causing them to break.

    To avoid any possible financial damage caused by surges in voltage, you can protect your food processors, computers, televisions, and literally, every electrical appliance that is in your home from overvoltage and lightning strikes every day. If you would like to do this, you can take advantage of our overvoltage protection, which can easily prevent detrimental voltage peaks, minimizing them to less than dangerous levels for each device.

    Arslan Hassan
    Arslan Hassan
    Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics.

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