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    What is Digital Marketing ?

    In the era where the world is growing digitally, Digital Marketing has set some firm roots in the industry.

    Digital Marketing is a component of marketing that uses digital platforms like Mobile, Desktops, and tablets to promote products and services which need exposure.

    On the other hand Print ads, physical marketing are considered as the outdated version of marketing.

    The potential of Digital Marketing can be estimated by the fact that Google earns over 100 billion dollars per annum just by running campaigns, while Facebook collects over 40 billion dollars per annum, taking digital marketing to next level.   

    How digital marketing works?

    Digital Marketing works by attracting potential consumers to your product and then encouraging them to make a conversion.

    In today’s time where if you want to grow your business it’s necessary to build up your digital marketing presence.

    Digital marketing has many faces some of which are:

    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Marketing through Apps
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Inbound Marketing and other

    Why Digital Marketing?

    With the magic wand of digital marketing in hand you can target a specific audience, along with enjoying the comfort of your home.

    You can now start marketing on fingertips, and you can make thousands of people buy your product from Canada while you are enjoying your vacation in Sri Lanka.

    In 2020, where almost everyone has a social presence, social media marketing is on the rise, with the personal data of billions of people at hands, social media marketing is becoming easy and more targeted.

    Facebook digital marketing allows you to target audience not only on the basis of age group but also on the basis of their preferences.

    For instance, if you are running a clothing brand, you can even target people who have recently shared a clothing post on their Facebook profile, increasing the likelihood of your conversion as your audience is already interested in clothing.

    The same is the case with Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok digital marketing.

    These campaigns can indeed make your business profitable.

    However, the secret of a profitable digital marketing campaign lies in the ingredients and strategy which you opt for your future campaigns.

    Let’s elaborate some!

    Strategy for digital marketing

    A digital marketing strategy is a plan that helps your business to achieve desired goals.

    The strategy for digital Marketing is different for different businesses but the overlay that lays the infrastructure of DM is the R-M method.

    R-M method is the cycle of 6 steps which helps you to keep a check on your strategy. Let’s dig into it.        

    The strategy of DM – source

    The first step for every marketing strategy is Research.

    It can be done by collecting buyers personas.

    After research comes internet business analysis which analysis the dos and don’ts for your campaign.

    Next is building and implementing the data collected in the above steps which after all leads us to measuring and managing results.

    There are many online tools available which will make is easy for you.

    What content you should create.

    Creating content is solely dependent on your audience.

    Content can vary from audience to audience and as per to fact at what stage does a customer steps on your site.

    There are mainly 3 stages of a buyer’s journey:

    • Awareness
    • Consideration
    • Decision

    The content you should post varies according to the intent and the stage of the buyer.

    Awareness Stage

    • Blog posts: It is one of the classic methods to get your awareness going. If the SEO strategy of yours is good you can surely attract some eyeballs
    • Infographics: Infographics are very shareable, meaning they increase your chances of being found via social media when others share your content or backlink to you.
    • Short videos: Short Videos are a great source to aware people about your brandAs many people prefer watching over reading.
    • Creating pictures: Hiring a graphic designer can help you with creating article related pictures for you, it can give a touch of a professional look to your brand.

    Consideration Stage

    • Ebooks: Ebooks are more popular these days as they are a great source for lead generation, meaning someone is more likely to exchange their contact information to receive it.
    • Research reports. Again, this is a high-value content piece that is great for lead generation. This method is time taking but surely is fruitful.
    • Webinars: Webinars are a more comprehensive content than a regular blog post or short video, It makes the customer stick with your brand.
    • Podcasts: Podcasts are more common nowadays. Featuring a social media personality can give you a high boost to your ranking.

    Decision Stage

    • Case studies: Case studies are one of the traditional but profitable methods, However, it takes a lot of work, but it surely helps to up bring the brand as an authority.
    • Testimonials: If case studies aren’t a good fit for your business, having short testimonials around your website is another great way to gain customer’s faith. For B2C (business to consumers), think of testimonials a little more loosely.
    digital marketing

    The whole process of strategy and content creation requires effort and time.

    Most companies thus hire SEO managers, Content Marketing specialists, Social Media managers to concentrate on their specified KPI(Key Performance Indicators).

    But it doesn’t mean one person cannot manage it.

    However, keeping in mind that it would be hard and time consuming thus one should not expect quick success.


    Digital Marketing is a vast field that requires a defined strategy and goals, with everyone being digital it’s now kind of necessary for every business owner to make its digital presence. Its time where digital marketing is at its peak thus it’s a great opportunity for newbies to hit the trend, As DM doesn’t discriminate on how the large business is, the gates to master Digital Marketing are opened for everyone.

    Author Bio:

    digital marketing

    Mansoor Shaikh is a professional blogger from Pakistan, he has 4+ years of experience at blogging under his belt. He supports creative and innovative content and has created his website Bilogger for the same cause. Besides this, he is an SEO and Digital marketing expert.Linkedin profile: Mansoor Shaikh



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