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    What Are the Main Components of a Website?

    By now, most businesses know that there is a long list of reasons why a website is an absolute necessity. So, you probably won’t have any doubts about whether or not your business should have it. The next step is to create it. Most business owners will hire professionals to help them with building at least the main components of the website. 

    This is a great idea that can help save a lot of time and even money. However, it doesn’t hurt to learn a bit about the process when searching for graphic design services, SEO experts, and all the other pros that will build your perfect website. Eventually, you migh even conisder web mobile app development and create an app for your business. This is usually the next step after the website.

    By having this type of information, you’ll better understand what the experts are talking about. Not to mention you’ll have the upper hand when trying to find the best services for you. To help you with this, in the following lines you’ll learn more about what are the main components of a website. 

    Structure and Navigation

    Your website has to have a home page and other pages connected to it in the best possible way. Every page has to have a header and a footer. There should be clear categories with content carefully sorted throughout. There should be menus in which you can find the suitable categories. All these things together are your website’s structure and navigation. 

    The main reason you need this is so that your visitors enjoy their stay on your business’ website. You want them to be able to easily find what they’re looking for. That’s why they came, after all. And web crawlers need this component. You want them to be able to successfully navigate your website and understand it. They are the ones who’ll eventually send you your visitors. 


    All texts small or big that are on your website make its content. It’s how you explain to your potential customers (a.k.a. Website visitors) who you are, what it is that you offer, and why they should choose you and not one of your competitors. Additionally, much like structure and navigation, content with a clear message will help the crawlers bring visitors to your website. 

    Maybe you heard the famous Bill Gates quote: Content is king. It means that this element of your website is crucial for it to have visitors and consequentially, leads. 


    Call-to-action is a simple text that gives your website visitors clear instructions on what to do next to become “active”. Most of the time it’s a button that invites them to start shopping. But it can also be a simple call to contact you. Or even watch a video or read a blog to find out more. The ultimate goal of this section is to turn visitors into customers. 

    In its essence, Call-to-action is a part of the above-mentioned content. But it’s such an integral part it deserves to be mentioned as a separate component every website must have if it’s going to bring any leads to the table. 


    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a good and clear organization of your content that will help search engines understand your offer and show your website at the top results. The core of this is making sure you have correct page titles, and product descriptions with suitable keywords as well as meta tags. 

    All this combined with good content structure and navigation should connect you with your future buyers which is of course the ultimate goal of your business website. 


    All of the elements of your website should look appealing to the eye of the visitor. Similar to how you want your shop or office to look pleasant for the customers and visitors.

    Web design is very important for a website but you can’t always be sure it will be nice for everyone. Again, the same way as any interior and exterior design. You can make sure the website’s structure is clear and the navigation runs smoothly. This takes us back to the first component on our list. 

    Wrap up

    So, a business website needs navigation and structure, SEO, content, design, and Call-to-action. Seems overwhelming? Don’t worry, you can hire experts for each one of these elements. This way not only you’ll have all the main components of a website but also that they will be in the best possible shape.

    Elizabeth Windler
    Elizabeth Windler
    Elizabeth is a passionate freelance writer. Her research skills provide her with the ability to cover virtually any topic. But writing about history and civilizations, old and new is what she enjoys most. Always with a cup of coffee by her side.

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