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    What 2021 holds for AI: Future Possibilities

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    In 2020, the whole world faced a COVID-19 pandemic and realized the importance of AI, influencing the virtual industry.

    AI (Artificial Intelligence) leverages several other technologies like robotics, IoT (Internet Of Things), and big data. AI is even expanding its grip on our lives with its latest advancements. The global pandemic also led scientists to work on new AI innovations that will be fruitful in 2021. 

    2021 year will be the year of AI. In September 2019, IDC already predicted a significant increase in AI. Saying clearly, AI would grow more than two and a half times to $97.9 billion by 2023. During the COVID-19 times, they increased the potential value of AI to the business.

    We all know that 2020 will always be remembered in our books as one of the transformative years in history. Many things changed dramatically in the pandemic. It changed the working styles of people. They start working from home and interacting with family members or connecting with clients virtually. Remote work and social distancing are new norms in 2021. It builds new challenges and innovations in AI. 

    There are many new possibilities in Artificial Intelligence. Let us discuss the options in AI in 2021:

    Protect the Artificial Intelligence-Driven Economy: 

    There is a need to take major steps against counter-attacks on the AI-driven economy. Experts of Artificial Intelligence have consented to methods and technology to detect the threat and deal with the AI Applications’ adverse threats. Most developers of AI will use the latest released Adversarial ML Threat Matrix. The extensible capital core can analyze the current adversarial strategy used to agitate and mislead ML systems. Most machine learning developers included this standard. They have immediate access to their GitHub repositories for an arranged depositary of adversarial attacks and their solutions. So, everyone freely uses AI apps.

    Size of Artificial Intelligence: 

    The primary attraction is the compact size of artificial intelligence in 2021. The developers will regularly lop all their designs, so the neural network architects, hyperparameters, and many other features easily fit the hardware forces. The models will work fast and give a dynamic performance over various endpoints. After seeing the speed of TinyML revolutions, most developers will use neural architect techniques, so they develop the compact AI for efficient functional structure for a particular AI inferencing task. The constrict of AL algorithms will speed the AI workload.

    Facial recognition: 

    According to the current scenario, most AI applications will support contactless authentication technology. In most apps, they will come with facial recognition, expanding areas of internal and client-facing applications. Many companies will include facial recognition in image processing, videos, auto-tagging query by image, etc. AI developers will work according to their country’s legal laws, and there will need to govern the technology’s sensibility and legal risks.


    Slowly, the COVID-19 will take the edge off, but there will be a need to study the consequences. During the pandemic, several types of research have been done to make robots perform human functions. In 2021, robots will be trained fully or partially with reinforcement learning to handle multiple situations easily. The main work of robotics will be biosensing, delivery, and disinfection of the areas. Drones also become a powerful program so that they will train RL based on an AI app.

    Deepfake Tech. Will Kick Off a New Gen Artificial Intelligence

    Deepfake technology’s Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) will be play in-front as enablers of composition and refinement to several media content. There is a possibility that GANS, in 2021, will turn out a standard tool for augmenting the credibility of a participant’s presence in a real-time situation. Till then, the commercial conferencing solution will not expose users, raising the quality issue with video and audio that have not been augmented through a proper AI process.  

    Quantum Computing will Encounter First Artificial Intelligence Application

    AI will be imminent in 2021. The developer ecosystem that basically revolves around the TensorFlow Quantum will illustrate the neuromorphic cognitive model, adaptive machine learning, and adversarial generative networking. All these listed results are repeated on quantum platforms. Later, the commercialization of the quantum AI segment will begin in earnest. Many new startups will enter this field, and many companies will start using quantum platforms with their AI and other computing plans.


    Many countries will start using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in their workspace, which will smoothen the working in the organization. Using the AI in the workspace gives clarity to their work. The main effect of using AI is that it will focus on the marketing strategy and production of companies. Customer dealing will become easy with the use of chatbots. Even during the pandemic, several companies started using more chatbots. AI reduces the work burden, performing the tasks in the same humans do. In 2021, most companies will rely on chatbots to contact their customers to fit into their budget.

    Automotive Governance: 

    There is a lot of change noticed in working and controlling AI applications. All the processes of several industries have established strong standard support with the machine learning workflows. They ensure the imperative skill for all AI apps entirely. The technology declines the demographic biases, privacy violations, destructive algorithmic outcomes. Developers related to AI governance also ensure that their experts expand and maintain a constant flow of information for their models and devices.

    Artificial Intelligence Involvement in Different Sectors: 

    Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence

    During the pandemic, every sector adopted the use of artificial intelligence. You may have noticed that everyone started talking about machine learning techniques in 2020. Most sectors already started using AI in their fields.

    1: Healthcare sector:

    The healthcare sector has been using AI for many years. They used artificial intelligence in many ways. With the help of AI, in 2021, healthcare professionals can track diseases and diagnose them early. Doctors also get access to robots for surgeries. AI technology also plays a great role in discovering a new drug. AI allows you to virtually meet with your doctor and discuss all your problems. The technology also allows the professional to store patient’s data that further adds to a customized patient experience. For handling customer queries, AI chatbots can be helpful as they can quickly answer their patient’s questions and resolve them effectively. AI technology emerged as a great tech to be used in pandemic time as it allows the patient to consult their doctors, make a virtual visit and get the answer to all their queries in the comfort of their home. 

    2 : Transport:

    During the pandemic, most airline companies started using chatbots to answer their customers’ queries. Globally, AI becomes an attractive medium to resolve their queries. You will also experience autonomous cars in the coming years that will cut off your travel distance and help you reach your destination quickly. 

    3: Manufacturing:

    Although several industries worldwide have adopted AI robots for the manufacturing process, the figure will be more increased in the coming years. Not only this, but AI assistance will also help the manufacturer do imminent analysis. AI sensors and other modern equipment will be high in use for the smooth manufacturing process. 

    4: Media:

    Media is a powerful platform. Many media houses in the world start using AI in their works. Bloomberg is a perfect example of it that uses Cyborg Technology is used to prepare complex financial reports. It will help readers to understand tricky words in an easy way. 

    5 : Education:

    The test books are digitized with artificial intelligence assistance. During the pandemic, AI played a vital role in performing virtual classes. Yes. Everyone has witnessed such a situation. AI technology is even expanding in the education sector, meeting the student’s several needs. 

    6: Custom services: 

    The giant search engine, Google, works on the primary motive of providing a better user experience. Presently, Google is working on enhancing the AI assistant to meet the user’s expectations. AI assistants can make human-like calls for several tasks, such as fixing an appointment at the parlor. To provide better customer service, companies are working on AI. 

    After seeing such future AI possibilities, most companies are planning to invest their money in machine learning. World-famous tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon invest money to create new AI products. There will be many new AI services this year. You can watch its glimpse in the US, where the department of defense is working on their AI games. They recognize the power of AI, which is why a company shows high interest in AI game development. 

    Final Thoughts;

    Most people become addicted to using AI in their fields because the technology made it easy to handle their respective fields and achieve desired results. This machine technology helps individuals to manage their work according to the situation. According to Statistics, there will be eight billion digital voice assistants in the world used by 2023. Many AI-powered voice assistants applications such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa help customers find the products online. It clearly indicates the most use of AI in 2021.

    Ravi Sharma
    Ravi Sharma
    Ravi Sharma, CEO of Webomaze is a highly enthusiastic entrepreneur. He has got a great grip on the idea of effective eCommerce Strategies, SEO processes, and tactics that are vital for virtual exposure. He is a fun-loving person and a keen traveler who always hunts to find adventure in new places.

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