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Robert Issell

Welcome to GEEKERS Magazine, where we have been evolving over the past 10+ years to become a popular and authoritative blog about technology and generally anything of interest to GEEKS from all corners of the planet.

We see ourselves as an ever-evolving platform for People with Passion, to share what we know and love. 

Our magazine has created its own following of GEEKS who love to write and share great articles and reviews about the latest technology, gaming, computers, software, online services, movies and videos and more. Our GEEKS are all passionate about what they write about and are interested in and more particularly in sharing what they know.

The word geek is used to describe eccentric or non-mainstream people; in current use, the word typically describes an expert or enthusiast person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit.  Its meaning has evolved to connote “someone who is interested in a subject (usually intellectual or complex) for its own sake”.

It is, therefore, fast becoming evident that the power of the GEEK is growing as evidenced by the following thoughts. Technologically oriented GEEKS, in particular, now exert a powerful influence over the global economy and society. Previous generations of GEEKS tended to operate in research departments, laboratories and support functions, but now they increasingly occupy senior corporate positions and wield considerable commercial and political influence. As an example, Zuckerberg’s company – Facebook has grown to over one and a half billion users.

The rise of the GEEK represents a new phase of human evolution. In Mark Roeder’s book, Unnatural Selection: why the GEEKS will inherit the earth,[9] he suggests that “the high-tech environment of the Anthropocene favours people with geek-like traits, many of whom are on the autism spectrumADHD, or dyslexia. Previously, such people may have been at a disadvantage, but now their unique cognitive traits enable some of them to resonate with the new technological zeitgeist and become very successful.”

The Economist magazine observed, on 2 June 2012, “Those square pegs (geeks) may not have an easy time in school. They may be mocked by jocks and ignored at parties. But these days no serious organisation can prosper without them.”[10]

Two such GEEKS had an idea in 2010 and founded GEEKERS Magazine as a hobby. Rohit Chadha and Gourav Kataria from India were dedicated to their interest and saw their website fast become a very popular blog with an ever growing supporter base of writers and readers. The site initially focused on iPhone and Android Apps with the latest trends in technology.

Today our magazines focus is much broader and includes many topics including:

  • How to articles on a wide variety of technology topics.
  • Roundups and Reviews of iPhone apps and games,
  • Windows, Mac, Linux and Web apps,
  • Android apps & games,
  • Troubleshooting your computer,
  • Optimizing operating systems (Windows, Mac or Linux) and simplifying tasks,
  • Software reviews and plenty of cool stuff.
  • Computer tips and tricks of all kinds.
  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • Making Money Online
  • Search Engine Optimisation

If you think that computer technology is only for GEEKS, then at GEEKERS Magazine we aspire to change your thinking. It’s now actually for everyone as our world is now managed and controlled by a world of technology.

Just walk through any airport or shopping centre and have a close look at what technologies are being used. Look about you, every person these days has a smartphone in their hand as they are used for so many aspects of our life. They are not just a communication tool anymore but they double as a camera, video recorder, voice recorder, games, memos, notes, and applications for so many things other than just making a phone call.

So we can thank all the GEEKS in the world that have taken the time to put their ideas and skill into these new devices that help us live life in the 21st Century.

The future for GEEKERS Magazine:

In 2014, a consortium of Australian web investors formed an alliance to in the future and further development of GEEKERS Magazine. We wanted to continue the great work the Rohit and Gourav had started and provide new and interesting articles and features to enhance and support our readership.

GEEKERS Magazine is now updated regularly with cool & high-quality content. If you don’t want to miss a single post, subscribe to our Newsletter. So if you prefer reading emails, we can send it right to your mailbox. All you have to do is to subscribe to our email update or you can bookmark this blog so you can refer to it easily.

Write with Us!

GEEKERS Magazine is always looking for new GEEKS who want to become guest authors and writers. GEEKERS who are willing to share their knowledge with all the wonderful readers of our magazine.  We have listed a few pointers and requirements below that can help you.

  • We provide backlinks for you to bring traffic to your website or personal blog.
  • Create great publicity for your own online presence, profile or website.
  • More exposure as your posts will be sent to GEEKERS Magazine email subscribers,
  • Our social media fans at facebook.com/geekersmagazine
  • Our twitter followers at twitter.com/geekersmag
  • Friends forever as GEEKERS Magazine becomes your friend forever!

What to write about.

  • Articles which are unique about new or existing technology. No articles published on other blogs as they will not be accepted.
  • In the article, each and every link must be genuine and appealing, otherwise these links will be removed in the monthly inspection.
  • Article should be of good quality and should meet our visitors’ requirements because we don’t like to mislead them by allowing useless links as reference.
  • Article with proper and genuine author bio.
  • We prefer you to provide images with your articles.
  • Please make sure of copyright laws on all images or content submitted.
  • Align your articles with our listed categories on GEEKERS Magazine
  • How-To Guides and reviews are encouraged on any new product or service.
  • The latest technology products and news from our major technology manufacturers.
  • Games, consoles and the software and news about this topic.
  • Website Browsers and the tools and features supporting them.
  • Applications / Tools / Web Apps
  • Or contact us with any topic you wish to write about if you are not sure it will be accepted.

How to join in the fun and become a member of the GEEKERS family?

Visit our Write with Us page and send us an email as well as an example of the article you would like to submit and the category and focus keywords it relates to.