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    What is Mangastream? Websites Like Mangastream You Need to Check out

    If you like anime, then you probably have heard about manga too.

    It is a Japanese form of art which in concept, is a lot like Comic Books but is differentiated by the way it is drawn.

    Manga Art style is unique, and the stories are so deep that they would keep you hooked for hours.

    If you want to read manga, you can either order it online or you can visit a website to read the digital copy of a manga from there.

    We are going to talk about some of the best platforms for reading manga online in this article.

    What is Mangastream?

    Mangastream as the name suggests, is a famous website for reading manga online.

    This website features a huge collection of manga series that you can get access to with ease, whenever you want to.

    Mangastream instantly became a sensation for manga readers ever since the day it first came out. That is because it offered free access to thousands of manga for its users.

    This website had a neat user interface which was easy to navigate. With this manga site, you could easily get the latest updates to your favorite manga series online. 

    Did Mangastream Shut Down?

    Sadly, to everyone’s disappointment, manga stream is just not there anymore. The original mangastream website was shut down back in 2017.

    Since then, many clone sites under almost the same domain name have come out but there is no news about who is running on those sites.

    If you want to read manga online in the best way, you have no other option but to use the best mangastream replacement sites that you have online. 

    Let’s briefly review some of the best manga sites that are a lot like mangastream, in terms of user experience.

    Websites Like Mangastream You Need to Check Out

    • MangaPanda: MangaPanda is a popular free manga site that offers HD quality manga. The best part about this platform is, you don’t have to wait for days and even weeks for your favorite manga when it is released. Once the manga is out, you’d find it instantly on this site. It is a great website for reading manga for beginners.
    • MangaFreak: MangaFreak offers a user experience which is similar to what you get at the AnimeFreak website for anime. We like this site because of its easy navigation, friendly UI and the huge collection of shows that it has to offer. This site has a huge fanbase who’d vouch for its quality of services.
    • MangaKakalot: MangaKakalot is a free site for manga and is known for its huge collection of manga that it offers for its users. This site is one of the oldest ones for manga and the manga quality here is HD. Out of all the manga sites that we have talked about here it offers the best user experience like manga stream with vey little ads and stuff like that.
    • MangaDex: MangaDex is a newer platform for reading manga online and it has already started making its way up in the ranks of the top-rated websites for manga. This website comes with a modern UI design which is focused towards enhancing the user experience. On this site, you’d get access to many manga series that you’d be able to read for free. The mobile version of the site is quite interactive as well. 
    • BATO.TO

    BATO.TO is a manga site that is recommended for beginner manga readers. This website features a simple user interface, so you won’t have to go through complicated UI elements to get to your favorite manga. This site offers powerful smart search features that allow you to easily search for the manga that you want to read online. This site offers many additional features for reading manga which makes things easier for beginner manga readers. 

    Wraping Up

    This is all there is to it! If you are looking for a way to pass your free time with endless fun and entertainment, we suggest you check out the free manga sites.

    You can find a bigger list of some of the best, free and top-rated manga sites.

    Free manga sites are free of any kind of hassle for registration and anything like that.

    So, make sure to check out these sites for an awesome manga reading experience. 

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