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    10 Best Websites for Best HTML Coding Examples

    Have you ever wondered what exactly attracts you while you are hunting in the malls and stores?

    Is it the items you are looking to purchase or the ambiance of the place that pulls you in?

    The mesmerising effect at that moment compels you to buy what you are not looking for with the money, you don’t have (obviously the credit cards).

    Yes, you got the point.

    It’s the surroundings which draws you in at that moment. But you don’t have to go there anymore.

    The reason is every worldly thing on the planet is now available online. Such online innovations have cosmically changed the definition of every virtual and actual thing.

    Similarly, the websites of various businesses, brands that also offer literally anything has the power to hold your eyes on their web page and make you navigate every single page.

    The online combat of the web pages to engage more visitors is on heights nowadays.

    The techie geeks, nerds are consuming every second of their productive time to create the best HTML websites to wow the users and their clients. These sites have the power to behold your vision and compel you to click more and more.

    The live example of such magic can be seen online and here are the breathtaking 10 Best Websites for Best HTML Coding Examples.

    10 Best Websites for Best HTML Coding Examples:

     1. Appy Fizzzzzzz!

    10 Best Websites for Best HTML Coding Examples

    This drink is fizzing the tongues of youngsters to all age groups.

    The beer look beverage is a non-fruity drink with an extra fizz in the bottle. Recently the website of this amazing drink has got the latest fizz in itself. The whole program was to rebrand the brand image with an online fizz on its official website. Sagmeister and Walsh have amazed the world with their web designing artwork for Appy Fizz.

    They have managed to create a three-dimensional effect on the site and the boldness of the site is simply remarkable. The bubbles leaving the cursor makes you feel that the drink is floating in front of you.

    To adore the fascinating fizz just visit the official website and see the difference well defined.

    2. Allbirds

    On describing the shoes, these aren’t shoes they are feathers for the feet.

    From the land of sheep here you have Allbirds, the cozy and delicate shoe masterpiece for your feet. Made from the best wool in New Zealand, the branding is a huge hit among the colder regions. Akin effects can be featured on the newly designed website of this brand.

    It has become a real-life example of being the best HTML website. The artistic touch is visible with every feature on the web page. The photography and the GIFS are perfectly placed by Brown and the Red Antler.

    It holds you back and defines the story of this shoe brand is the real-life photography.

    3. Karim Rashid:

    The well proclaimed designer Karim Rashid as diversified in his designs and the same can be seen on his personal website.

    With designer items ranging over 3000 in number, the website is truly a masterpiece by Anton and Irene. The deluges of the products presented on the web pages are simple without any words.

    Just visit the site and see the masterpiece thyself!

    4. On the Grid

    Wandering the globe to seek the beautiful cities is just one dream.

    It can be sometimes problematic but guidance issue is resolved by on the grid. They have well featured various locations worldwide and beautifully decrypted on their website. The curators joining daily present the pictorial views of various places.

    Even the animation is overwhelming and captures your attention for a while.

    5. LS Productions

    Before heading further just click the link to adore the HTML treasure with your eyes.

    This site well describes the services of the LS production. It is the largest stills and motion service providers in the UK. Whitespace has properly spread out their work through the HTML platform.

    You will find small clips and shots from over the globe which has the magic to take your breath out.

    6. Lordz

    From break dance moves till moon dance steps, all of them are methods to express music out of your body.

    The effect of hip-hop culture can be visualized worldwide and the same effects can be seen on the website of this dance training school. Lordz is a dance based academy with its foundation in Switzerland. The web designers have shown their artistic touch in every aspect of this website.

    They beautifully infused the dancing moves within the web pages. Just visit the link and get the moves.

    7. Over the tiny hills

    If you want to see the HTML marvel, visit the site named by over the tiny hills.

    Being created by the French digital den Ultranoir and the illustrator McBee. The 3D effect on the site with the astounding musical background will make your ears still.

    With the WebGL special effects seamlessly transforms the pages as you get instructions to play the gramophone and change the record.

    8. Halo 5

    With astound navigation on this gaming website; you will simply adore the built-in effects.

    With its unmatched features and animation, this HTML version is off the charts. The touch of the WebGL technologies is the best combination configured on these web pages. The Helmet is combined with messages and it transforms in when you bring the cursor on its virtual body.

    The sound mixing in the background makes you motionless and forces you to check every single detail.

    9.  BaBa Dum

    10 Best Websites for Best HTML Coding Examples

    The Hipopotum studios have created an HTML masterpiece to learn while you play.

    It consists of 5 games with varying languages. The designs, graphics, color pallets all create a wonderful world for the kids and people of all ages.

    Overall it’s a fun experience while you visit this site and this coding for kids website as well.

    10. The Rational Keyword

    The music instrument app has a great lot of music to show you.

    The site consists of piano keys and by pressing on one you hear various tunes and make your own melody. Fritz Obermeyer made an experiment with this unique innovation, which made this magnum opus.

    Moreover, you get 4 options to change the visual settings of the piano strings.

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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