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    Website promotion from scratch, where to start.

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    So, today we are going to discuss website promotion.

    Let’s talk first about what a website is, how to create your own personal website, why you need it:

    A website is a place where you can post detailed information about a company or services, the conditions for ordering and performing services, contacts and details. It is easy to publish information on the site. In the modern world, the Internet can give us a large number of response options for a specific request, moreover, for any one. Therefore, every site owner would like his work to be in the top, popular.

    Website promotion is the process by which the traffic on the website increases.

    Today it is very important to understand the nuances of promoting your site.

    This promotion process is carried out in the following stages, by which you can start it:

    • site audit – assessing the current state of the site, developing measures to improve this state;
    • the development of the semantic core is a selection of queries, according to which the site should be visible in the search, their clustering and breakdown by existing and future;
    • preparation for promotion, that is, solving technical problems, finalizing the structure, introducing micro-markup, sometimes redesigning;
    • regular creation and placement of optimized and simply useful thematic content – primarily text, including for meta tags;
    • link promotion (link building) – mainly for Google search engines.

     The issuance of ways to promote your website include:

    Promotion in social networks (SMO, SMM)

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    SMO (social media optimization), SMM (social media marketing) – website promotion in social networks and media. This promotion method is one of the most important.

    SMO is a set of activities that are used on a website so that it can attract more links and traffic from social networks. These include: placement of social media widgets, Open Graph markup, export to feeds, authorization on the site via social networks, comments, and others.

    The task of analyzing QS is to determine a number of indicators of its effectiveness, which can be divided into the following groups:

    1. Indicators characterizing the system as a whole:

    the number n of busy service channels, the number of claims served, waiting for service, or refused requests per unit of time, and so on.

    2 Probability characteristics: the probability that the request will be served or it will receive a denial of service, that all devices are free or a certain number of them are busy, as well as the probability of a queue.

    3 Economic indicators: the cost of losses associated with the departure of an application that has not been serviced for one reason or another from the system, the economic effect obtained as a result of servicing the application, and so on.

    SMM is a set of events in media and social services that increase the recognition of the site, form a loyal audience around it. SMM is suitable for everyone: B2B companies, online stores, services and media.

    Here is a list of social networks that SMM specialists most often use for promotion:

    • Facebook.
    • Instagram.
    • YouTube.
    • Twitter.
    • LinkedIn. Business and professional social network.
    • Pinterest. A platform for publishing and sharing various and absolutely any images.
    • Discord. A platform for gamers to communicate.
    • Reddit. A social network where news is mainly collected.
    • SoundCloud. Social network for musicians and DJs.

    SMM and SMO are in many ways related to each other. You can do only SMM or only SMO, but it is more effective to use both methods at once.

    Viral marketing

    This is one of the types of promotion (mainly product advertising) of a site, where the main distributors are the users themselves, the visitors of this site. And it is called viral due to the fact that it can spread with great speed among Internet users.

    The principles of this type of marketing are based on the fact that one user transmits information on several of his and so on resources.

    We can say that there is a snowball effect, which brings results in the form of thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of unique visitors.

    The main viral marketing tool is the creation of interesting, unexpected and useful creative content that can interest the maximum number of users in such a way as to get them to share information with others. The main way of spreading information when promoting viral advertising is social networks. In addition, forums and popular blogs can play a role. They, having a large audience, are well-known, can help you raise your site and make you more popular.

    Contextual advertising

    Contextual (also contextual-banner or media) placement of advertisements that appear on search results pages, search engine services and partner sites. The contextual advertising system displays advertisements only for the target audience. The user’s interest in the promoted page is determined by one of two basic mechanisms:

    Analyzing the content of the page and displaying content-relevant advertisements;

    analysis of user behavior – the history of his search queries, visited sites, accounts on social networks, etc. (behavioral targeting).

    When placing contextual advertising, site owners pay less often for ads or for clicks on it, which already happens more often. Direct provides more reach, but the cost per click is usually higher than in Adwords for the same queries.

    Targeted advertising

    Currently, almost all large state organizations in Ukraine have placed advertisements, where payment is made only for the display or transition. The advertiser has the opportunity to select the audience for displaying ads in a variety of parameters: gender, age, region of residence, language, interests and hobbies, and the like. Precisely because of the possibility of very accurate targeting, advertising and received the name “targeted”.

    Content marketing

    Content marketing is a set of marketing activities that are based on the creation and distribution of useful or interesting content to the target audience. It does not promote the site or sell the product directly, but provides information about the market in which the company operates, the problem that the product solves, and effective ways to solve this problem. Thus, content marketing works on the popularity of the market segment as a whole and the credibility of a particular brand.

    There is also a combined method of promotion, in which, accordingly, several methods are involved at once.

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    So, we tried to figure out what website promotion is and analyzed the methods of its promotion. We hope this article will help you choose the right option for yourself and your business. We can also advise you to develop in this area, while watching videos on similar topics, films, and also communicate with people who understand this area, try to get advice or answers to your questions from them. Follow the updates around you, because there are so many of them now.

    If you hang around – do not stop halfway, try to go to the goal, going through difficult life obstacles. Yes, it may take a while. Yes, it may not be right away. But if you are patient and work hard, everything will work out. We wish you success!

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